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f1 2018 tv style

  1. D

    argHUD 1.07

    Documentation (you can colaborate aswell) argHUD Discord Server (support is faster there) Installation: - Make sure your UDP Telemetry Settings options look like this, also you must play fullscreen windowed or windowed otherwise the widgets won't show up Screenshots: If you enjoy my work...
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    Misc argHUD

    Troubleshooting Before saying that it does not work, try the following: - Make sure that Windows Firewall is disabled - In case that you have it enabled make a rule to allow argHUD or when you open the application for first time it will be pop-up message, just click accept - Make sure that the...
  3. D

    argHUD 1.04c

    F1 2018 VERSION -> https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/arghud.23206/ JOIN TO MOD DISCORD SERVER If you enjoy my work please consider a donation...