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Anglesey Circuit

Anglesey Circuit v1.01

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ANGLESEY CIRCUIT v1.0 (AC conversion)

First, many thanks to Tyrone for the permission to bring his AC version of Anglesey Circuit to rFactor 2.
This conversion was a big challenge, many things are consider first time for us, with trials and errors. During the process, we have decided to rework and add many objects and textures with various real life reference from recent year, in hope to further enhance the immersion of this beautiful track. We are happy with the things we have achieved so far, and looking forward to see more races on this track. Enjoy!

Original AC version by: Tyrone
RF2 conversion by: S.Victor & Corti
Additional borrowed assets from ISI/S397
All various logo assets belong to their respected owners

This track & conversion is made and available free for everyone, and should not be sold or charged for money.
For more info about original AC version, please visit release page:

- Two layouts: International GP (2.10 Miles) & Coastal (1.55 Miles)
- 42 Garage Spots+ Grids
Note: Pitlane holds max 42 cars and works perfectly for online racing. However due to relatively small area, it is advised not to run more than 22 cars (21 AI) in singleplayer, otherwise AI will have trouble getting out garage.
- 60KPH pitlane speed limit



- New & reworked curbs
- New corner marks
- New pitlane buildings, also reworked all garages and pitlane walls
- New starting lights, pitlane night lights
- New Coastal layout
- Fixed and smoothened gaps and artifacts between road mesh joint
- Realroad for road & curb
- Two sets of trackside camera
- Working AIW & Animated marshal
File size
204.6 MB
First release
Last update
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  1. v1.01

    IBL support Fixed road reflection. Texture lighter

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