ALBI 2006 v1.1

Circuit D'Albí 2006 for RF2

  1. cortinhas
    Hello everyone, this is a conversion of the rFactor version of the Albi Circuit. First of all, many thanks to Neel Jani (NeelJ) for his rFactor conversion and the permission to bring this track into rFactor 2. Many thanks also to Rainmaker who point me into the right direction to get permission for the conversion. Thanks to Senormen for keeping patient with me and guiding me during the conversion. Spaskis and McNolo for tips and their video tutorials, Digga for a lot of mesh & texture reworking and JuergenBy for the effort and time he has dedicated to the conversion of this circuit. Do not blame me for bugs, this is one of my very first serious conversion projetc, wich i want to share with the community.

    Many thanks to...
    ISI/S397 for rFactor 2 and for some "borrowed" textures and objects
    Neel Jani (NeelJ) for the permission and the original rFactor1 version
    Rainmaker, Spaskis and McNolo for some very helpful tips
    Senormen for keeping patient with me and guiding me during the conversion with endless help & tips
    Digga for a real big job done, reworking meshes & textures and new AIW`s
    JuergenBY for texture editing, texture creating, objects editing, loading screens and much more

    - new track lights (no more portable)
    - couple of red trees removed (for better view to the restaurant)
    - lod improvement
    - some textures resized
    - brake distance signs fixed (lightning issue)
    - drs activating point moved (s/f)
    - new ipb (global) reflection added
    - night light omni intensity increased

    - flickering on the bridge (two small albi logo`s) fixed
    - flickering on start bridge logo fixed
    - some new buildings added
    - individual folder for setup and settings for each layout
    - missing grid marker for full grid (48) added, new AIW`s by Digga
    - new windsock by Digga
    - some texture changes and lod fixes

    v0.95.02 - 0.99.01
    - new AIW
    - even more DX11 fixes...
    - shader fixed
    - shadows fixed
    - new trees
    - new grass texture
    - some texture edits/reworks
    - some objects replaced
    - new skybox texture
    - Albi No Chicane layout added
    - broken mesh in t2 fixed
    - new texture for night lights
    - some more lod issues fixed
    - Layout Esse Francois Flad added
    - DRS zones added to all 3 layouts

    v0.85.00 - v0.95.01
    - base conversion
    - a lot of tetxure fixes to get the track DX11 compatible
    - realroad added
    - lod issues fixed (mostly)

    Cya on track!

Recent Reviews

  1. dreamer al
    dreamer al
    Version: v1.1
    Excellent track. Thank you for update.
  2. andrea1968
    Version: v1.0.05
    shooting on this track with FLAT 6 is a show, a beautiful track, thanks for your work.
  3. dreamer al
    dreamer al
    Version: v1.0
    I love the track. Graphics are excellent. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Papablu
    Version: v0.99.07
    Love this track, great work, thank you.
  5. Stenne
    Version: v0.99.07
    Great work!! Thanks!!
  6. Julius triumphans
    Julius triumphans
    Version: v0.99.05
    The view from the cockpit is very beautiful. However, the course side camera may have a little room for contrivance. A long straight is boring.
  7. goffred
    Version: v0.99
    very well done
  8. sp65
    Version: v0.99
    Very nice circuit I like the 3 versions
  9. Juergen
    Version: v0.99
    All fine here, just downloaded and installed. Working complete flawless.
  10. Julius triumphans
    Julius triumphans
    Version: v0.99
    In the middle of reading the data of this MOD, it freezes, indistinguishable.
    1. cortinhas
      Author's Response
      In principle we have not had problems with loading the track in the game. Does an error window come up? If so, please edit the text to have more data.
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