Andrew Burton - Peugeot Cosworth livery 2016-07-17

Andrew Burton's Legendary 306 cosworth - BTRDA Malcolm Wilson stages 2011

  1. Max Attack
    Event: BTRDA Malcolm Wilson Stages 2011
    Driver: Andrew Burton
    Co-Driver: Robin Kellard
    Features Custom functioning Headlights, bodywork and window detailing to replicate the car as much as possible

    To Install: Dirt Rally > cars > models > 306 > *Replace livery 41
    If you don't already know about this car I recommend you watch this cool video


    1. peugeot_cosworth_power_slide.jpg
    2. Andy_Burton_Peugeot_306_Cosworth_010.jpg
    3. 306-cosworth-rally-3.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. db-design
    Version: 2016-07-17
    V detailed!!
    1. Max Attack
      Author's Response
      Appreciate it, thanks!
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