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Opel Kadett - Team Bassano - 3° Valsugana Historic

Opel Kadett - Team Bassano - 3° Valsugana Historic 2016-08-05

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Event: 3° Valsugana Historic Rally 2011
Driver: D. Zuliani (I've added the original drivers name to the car for a tribute)

Install: Dirt rally > cars > models > kad > *Replace livery 40
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Latest reviews

Great skin!
Beautiful addition, thank you ! ;-)
Funky! Some wobbly lines in there, especially towards the front, but I can understand that. I recall the Kadett having some really frustrating mapping!
Max Attack
Max Attack
Thanks, and yeah it's not the best mapping they've done. i covered some of it up with the use of some decals, it limits us to what skins we can do on it but i couldn't resist doing this one after seeing the real car!
Max Attack
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