Ambient sound pack 2016-08-10

Ambient sound pack

  1. senna9922
    Ambient sound pack

    You can use this sound pack,

    and you will feel how is race and qualify more live.

    Extra setting required edit some line in plr file

    Automobilista\UserData\your name\ .plr

    Crowd Range="100.00000" // Volume range parameter
    Crowd Shape="1.00000" // Shape of volume attenuation
    Crowd Ambient="50.50000" // the higher number more noise
    Airhorn Range="400.00000"
    Airhorn Shape="1.00000"
    Airhorn Ambient="50.50000"
    Public Address Range="400.00000"
    Public Address Shape="1.00000"
    Public Address Ambient="10.50000"
    Pithorn Range="400.00000"
    Pithorn Shape="1.00000"
    Pithorn Ambient="111.50000"
    Helicopter Range="400.00000"
    Helicopter Shape="1.00000"
    Helicopter Ambient="112.50000"

    extract to

Recent Reviews

  1. AriBo38
    Version: 2016-08-10
    works well online with no mismatch
    good job ! more immersive. Thx
  2. holihon2012
    Version: 2016-08-10
    sweet sounds, nice work! and may u mod tyre sounds? i feel original tyre sounds are not good enough.
    1. senna9922
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot, about tyre sound for which mod you are asking?
      Because there in sound folder is pretty much confusion, and of course reiza is hide sound file .sfx

      Best regards
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