G-Helmet 2.0

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  1. senna9922
    Make a copy of your folder just in case, if you do not like this mod.

    To increase or decrease object use shift + arrows, depending from screen resolution.


    1. GRAB_003.JPG
    2. GRAB_004.JPG
    3. GRAB_005.JPG
    4. GRAB_006.JPG
    5. GRAB_007.JPG
    6. GRAB_008.JPG
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Recent Reviews

  1. nezeiges
    Version: 2.0
    Under braking its sometimes difficult to see where you are going due to the vertical head movement (to much). I've never seen much vertical head movement in races but I've seen a lot of horizontal head movement during cornering
    I've worn a lot of helmets and normaly the view is much better then shown here.
    1. senna9922
      Author's Response
      you can edit vertical movement in Gmeter.txt line GMeter.MaxGy = 30.9 to GMeter.MaxGy = 40.9 or more