F1 RFT 2012 V.2 V.2

F1 RFT 2012

  1. senna9922

    Team Mas/ Now is skin correct on all cars
    New Font/ Visible on steering wheel
    New Tire Tbc/ Improvement for all tire
    New Gmt file for tire/ Visible grass, sand and the rest of the tires
    New view for LocalCam=COCKPIT all cars
    Tire change, when you use pit stop is now visible.

    Frankly, I forgot the rest of the change.
    But now, mod is much better. And I will keep to improvement this mod.

    Especially thank for hummer444 and Patrick Giranthon

    Link for mod:

    http://imgur.com/a/oHZdx GRAB_004.JPG GRAB_005.JPG GRAB_006.JPG GRAB_007.JPG GRAB_008.JPG GRAB_009.JPG GRAB_010.JPG GRAB_011.JPG GRAB_012.JPG GRAB_013.JPG

Recent Reviews

  1. Jach
    Version: V.2
    AMS is a simulator.
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