Alternative Tyre Tread Mod for Tarmac stages 2016-04-05

This Mod changes Tarmac Tyre tread

  1. Max Attack
    This basic mod adds a more realistic tyre tread pattern for Tarmac stages and is used on the rallycross class cars in the game. The bottom of the tyre has been modified to be darker than the sidewalls as it is in real life and now reflects light when the sun shines on it, especially in wet conditions (comparison example below)

    This all comes down to personal preference of course. Installation is very simple but remember!
    *Be sure to backup your original files first if you decide you want to change back!

    Some comparison pics below (you'll have to look closely at the tread/color difference)

    With Mod:
    *Without Mod:

    *Credit to the livery creators

Recent Reviews

  1. Jackhitman87
    Version: 2016-04-05
    nice mod!! can you tell me how set reflections?
    1. Max Attack
      Author's Response
      The New 2.0 version is up on the Forums, no reflections! as requested
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