Alpinestars 2016 Drivers suit and gloves PSD Templates 1.0

PSD Driver suit & gloves template

  1. Michael Doherty
    Assetto Corsa Alpinestars 2016 Drivers Suit and Gloves PSD Template.

    Fully loaded template with car manufacturers, Fuel and tire logos in place.

    Many colours to select from.

    This is a template, once the colour, and logos are selected it then needs to be saved as a DDS file before you can use in game.

    The easiest way to use these DDS files is to place them directly in the car skin folder and delete the entry in the skin ini for driver helmet and driver suit (That is if there is a skin.ini file present) If you also use my crew suit templates, then delete the skin.ini.

    I have a problem trying to make my own crew brand, I keep getting a black square around each logo, can anyone help me and tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

    NB. If you want to amend the skin.ini, you open this using notepad. yellow suit.jpg yellow.jpg


    1. green suit.jpg
    2. grey suit.jpg
    3. red suit.jpg
    4. blue gloves.jpg
    5. green gloves.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Pwox
    Version: 1.0
    Maybe more details for the shoulders but great anyway
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