Adidas Crew suits and gloves for use with the skin.ini 1.1

DDS files to use for your crew suits/gloves, instructions included

  1. Michael Doherty
    Unlike my crew and driver suit templates on race department, all these crew suits and gloves are in DDS file format (no need to edit them at all) They are in the same route folder as the default suits/gloves/helmets/crew brands (texture folder) and will be put to the correct path when you drop on the assettocorsa folder as in the instructions provided in this download.

    Plenty of crew suit and gloves colours to select from, better than the default crew suits by far.

    Included is a full set of alternative crew brands (as in the pics) which will be installed as well.
    There is a text file containing all the paths needed for these files for amending the skin.ini to make it easier for you.

    You can also use these suits straight in the car skin folder if you want to replace crews and crew brands where there is no skin.ini present in the skin or just want to replace a downloaded skin crew where they are already in the car skin.
    Note, these will not show if you put in a car skin and there is a skin.ini present, the skin.ini over rides what is in the car i.e suits/crew brand so if a skin.ini is present, use that and copy and paste in the routes you want for my suits/crew brand from the text file.

    All crew_brands are now updated as of version 1.1

    I have recently noticed I had left a set of logos on The Red/white adidas suit which is showing up, it will be corrected in the next update. 1.2 with the driver suits, gloves and helmets.

    Adidas driver suits/gloves and helmets will be in the next update.

    Any questions on using these, just ask. ginetta 1.jpg honda 2.jpg Praga 1.jpg main pic 1.jpg mercedes AMG 2.jpg
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  1. DavidHF
    Version: 1.1
    You have provided a way to customize the game , to make it more immersive and authentic. Excellent work.
  2. Mascot
    Version: 1.1
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