Drivers Helmet 2012 PSD Template Design 1 1.1

Helmet 2012, assetto corsa. PSD File

  1. Michael Doherty
    2012 Drivers helmet PSD Template.

    Thanks to Chargingcar for allowing me to use his Helmet Base in this PSD.

    Union jack strip in pics is part of the Helmet Glass.DDS which I have included as a PSD file to use and add your own flag or design.

    5 Colour layers, 30 Colours per layer (More colours than that on the base around 100 or so)
    so many thousands of variations of the colour design to choose from. (Just switch each colour layer folder off and on to see what parts of helmet it colours and then go in the folder and select the colour layer you want. Do this for all 5 colour folders)

    Drivers Name on side of helmet is included as TEXT which can be altered as wanted (or switched off)

    All the logos in this PSD are in place and need not be adjusted/moved (unless of course you want to move/adjust)

    All Car Manufacturer, Oil and Tire logos can be selected from Individually to include any one of each. The other logos are in a set which are in place, there are 2 sets to choose from selecting 1 only of set 1 or 2.
    Once the 2 PSD's are edited just save it out as a DDS file without changing the name and use as you would a normal Helmet DDS (e.g. Put in you car skin folder, if the skin.ini is present in the skin then this needs to be ammended/deleted as it overrides and suits and helmet both crew and drivers)

    Different designs to come in other templates. Including a project I am currently working on using the full flag of countries as the basis for the designs.

    I have already uploaded driver suit and gloves Templates (Sparco, Adidas, OMP, alpinestars and Puma) that can be used along with this helmet, there is also a crew template I did which again has the 5 suit makers named above, this is in 1 psd, the drivers suits are individual. Do a search on here or look at my profile if you want them.

    I have made this template and all my suit/gloves templates to make it easier doing your own complete driver/crew uniforms to match your car skin.

    NB. The bottom picture is the rear of helmet.

    20171111184520_1.jpg 20171111184609_1.jpg 20171112130559_1.jpg 20171112130622_1.jpg 20171112130652_1.jpg
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