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Alfa Romeo 155 TI V6 DTM & hillclimb 1.2

Alfa Romeo 155 TI V6 DTM (with opponents) and hillclimb with complex aero.

  1. 420 hp and little changes.

    - 420hp for DTM 94.
    - Little change on aero (less oversteer on tight turns).
    - For hillclimb versions new tires and changes on starting setup.

    For updating just delete "ui" folders and "data.acd" and copy the new ones.
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  2. correction in the installation instructions

    Nothing new.
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  3. Changes on aero and add 2 DTM versions

    Various changes on aero, better ABS and add DTM 93 & 94 versions with opponents (alfa 155 and mercedes 190).
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  4. Completely reworked aero and new tires.

    Better aero, better tires.
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