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AF Corse/SMP Racing Ferrari 458 GT2 #51 2015-04-11

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2015 WEC season Ferrari 458 GT2 #51 as driver by Vilander and Bruni and run by AF Corse and SMP Racing

acShowroom 2015-04-10 19-50-43-00.jpg
acs 2015-04-11 10-17-44-99.jpg
acs 2015-04-11 10-18-19-59.jpg
acs 2015-04-11 10-16-45-82.jpg
acs 2015-04-11 10-17-10-65.jpg

Many thx to ML2166 for some bits and OPMP for the tyres and Assetto Corsa for an awesome platform.

See read me for installation instructions

Latest reviews

nice Job..
one question how do you paint all These sharp forms, for example onthe side... with photoshop or how do you do that?
Cuz I'm really amazed xD
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High quality. Thank you. =]
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Nice job !!
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awesome work once again mate.
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Incredible stuff.. Waiting for #71. Thanks.
Chris 576
Chris 576
Just finished it, the only differences are the number (now there's a surprise) and it has yellow mirrors.
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Quality skin , thanks mate !
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love the use of colours.....
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top notch
Chris 576
Chris 576
Cheers mucker
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Chris 576
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