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Singha/Kessel Motorsport 488 GT3 #39 2018-07-17

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Blancpain 2018 TP12 Singha Motorsport entry driven by Piti Bhirombhakdi and Carlo van Dam


For those with older or not powerful systems there are folders with 4096x4096 or 2048x2048 .dds files.
Just copy paste the required Skin_00.dds into the
39_Singha_Blancpain_2018 folder, over writing the one in there

This is a persona favourite that I feel turned out ok, just a shame we can't do chrome schemes.

Latest reviews

ottime come tutte le tue skin!
Just Awesome! Thank YOU!
Even after reviewing the dds I have to say the yellow is way too dark and the blue is way too light. A lot of good work, don't get me wrong, but the colors are incorrect.
Chris 576
Chris 576
Very hard to get decent RGB values when all photos are of a chrome scheme, I tried lighter shades but they looked wrong on my monitor.
Some show pale colours, others show dark.
Beautfiul man! good Job!
Maaaaaaaan look at this, that's a huge nice work!!!! This skin is a pain in the ass to make, brilliant! Thank you very much for sharing it!
Chris 576
Chris 576
My pleasure mate, and yes, it was a pain in the arse to do :-)
Awsome work , looks great , thanks a lot!
Chris 576
File size
30 MB
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User rating
4.88 star(s) 8 ratings

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