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Add-on for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 (Red Bull)

Add-on for RSS Formula Hybrid 2021 (Red Bull) 0.5

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- VERY IMPORTANT! YOU NEED CSP + 0.1.60 in order to get this working.

-This post belongs to all add-ons I could do with the RB16-B.
-For install this, just unzip (or put the files which are inside the winrar) in whatever skin/livery folder you want this add-on.

-This only has the code for insert the kn5. If you are using another ext_config.ini, please, be sure to edit it and make an [INCLUDE] to add the other file.
-This disappear at a certain distance (act like a LoD), but as it's very small, it can't be seen disappear.

As CSP is maintaining Assetto Corsa, there are great features like this that I've almost no seen nobody using.

I know everybody who likes the RSS F1 cars get tired of using the same generic car over and over. We can't guilty they because they cannot do 10 different cars, neither they have licenses to do them the same. Anyway, there is a way to do cars a little bit different and this method does it. It some way can make you think is another car and not a generic one. It's noticeable from the onboard camera, so it looks like the real one

Using CSP feature 'Model replacements' through the ext_config.ini, I've done the famous fins near the air s-duct outlet in the front nose that Red Bull have from 3 years ago. I'm planning to do the same for more cars (Mercedes, Alpine...), but that depends in the support of this one. I know this is just a little 'add-on' for the car, but If I see this is a good idea, I will do what you guys suggest from the RB16B car.

This works for online, so everyone can see it (if they have the same files in their folder). I'd like to see one day this kind of add-ons in the liveries made by users. So if you are a livery creator and want to use this RB16B add-on (or the others I will do for some F1 liveries) you are free whenever you credit me for this add-on.

Texture template is not necessary since these fins has a solid color. The default colour and shaders of the add-on are accordingly to what the livery I've used are from. If you want to use in other car, first be sure it's the FH2021, and then, change the 'winglet_rb.dds' texture to the colour you want.


I will recommend, obviously, a RB16B livery. I've used the one from @Marco17_ok , who is a great livery creator.

Credits to RSS for the RSS FH2021 car
Credits to @Marco17_ok for the livery used in the images.
I highly recommend this RB16B livery for the add-on: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/formula-hybrid-2021-redbull-rb16b-2021-skin.41190/

If there is any problem you can comment or PM me

PD: As I've said in previous paragraphs, I'm doing more team's fins. In this post there is an image of the fins of the SF21.

Latest updates

  1. Shader correction and cast shadows

    I've matched the shaders as my other add-ons and updated the .kn5 to cast shadows (I will update...

Latest reviews

There is not much to say other than it's amazing!
Thanks :) I will update these add-ons as soon as I get some free time available to it
top top top
Top mod, amazing!
Thank you
Very cool work; awesome to have some differences between the cars....very well done. Thank you!
Thank you very much!
Work perfect, thanks for your work
I think this is a great idea (if is legal to edit their mod). You could create "body kit" from other teams as add-on :)
It's legal as far as I know. And yes, I will try to create some body kits for future add-ons
really cool. why isnt this feature used more to create more realistic cars for the fh2021? is it possible to do more with this like fully make the rss look like a merc or something
Maybe nobody realized of this CSP feature. It has less than a year. I knew that this could be done for tracks, but I wondered why not for the cars. Then I researched a little and found the entry in the CSP github wiki.

And yes, I will try to do an add-on for every F1 car with the maximum this CSP feature can give me.
Love it! Please do the rest! :)
I will, thanks!
Pretty awesome would definitely love to see more!
There will be, thanks :)
Nice touch - Thanks
Thank you for review it :)
Amazing mate
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