Acopone Raceway

Acopone Raceway 0.9.2

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Location: None
FIA Grade: 3
Length 4.31km/2.68mi
Width 10-15m/33-49ft
Elevation change: 15m/49ft

  • 28 grid/pit spots
  • CSP support (GrassFX, RainFX, Night lighting, VAO)
  • Separate road mesh
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Working AI + hints
  • Working startlights
  • Custom track map + alternatives
  • TV cameras (3 sets)
  • Reverb areas
  • DRS is disabled
  • KSLAYERS (less objects at lower details settings)
To do
  • Inside layout
  • Some textures/shaders could be improved
  • Track surface detail (cracks, marbles)
  • More trackside detail (more buildings, vehicles, crowd, tents, flags etc.)
  • Performance related optimizations


Latest updates

  1. 0.9.2 Update

    0.9.2 Change log: Added CSP support (GrassFX, RainFX, Night lighting, VAO) Added Geotags for...

Latest reviews

Full circuit is incredible with fast flowing corners. So much of the course is just about, or completely flat in so many types of cars. Insanely fun in touring cars and downforce cars. I find the circuit a bit tight for wheel to wheel racing with not many overtaking spots, not a big issue as you must be strategic. Turn 1 is extremely tough to tame in most vehicles. I find the elevation drop makes it too difficult in its current state to be honest and should be reworked by either widening turn 1, or lengthening the downhill straight.

The current short version is far too tight for any type of racing, especially the final corner. I can see several more layouts that could be added, the pavement is there, they just needs to be created properly which I hope comes eventually. So much detail is present already.

The pit entry is far too short and weight transfer caused from turn 22 usually puts you in the entry lane. If I could suggest; the entry lane should open between turns 20 and 21 and lead inside 21 and 22. The pit exit as well is far too short and is basically on the racing line. Turn 1 is extremely tough and dangerous and has resulted in a lot of carnage for me with AI leaving the pits. I would suggest the pit exit lane wrap inside of turn 2 and exit before or just after turn 3. A wall or barrier could separate the pit lane and course around turn 2.

I really hope to see progress continue. This course is easily my favorite and go to for relaxing lap turning. I would gladly support you on a Patreon if it meant consistent updates to your tracks.
Another amazing circuit from doublezero -- both the full and club circuits are a blast and look great. Love those esses!
I have few words on this track. Other then it's full of features (grassfx, rainfx, great ai and so on), I think that this is one of the best tracks I drove in my own life!
It's fantastic, you really can feel the speed in a formula 1 through those bends. The elevation changes are great and it's really really a fun track!
I've only done 1 drive here, but holy s*** this is epic
Car driven: Ferrari SF1000 (RSS)
Time: 17:00
Conditions: 21.1 C 8.9 km/h wind
Lap time: 1:04.04
So, in Hotlap mode, you start just before the hairpin (perfect positioning btw), and your'e approaching the final esse bend at around 230. The last corner is juuuust about flat at 270, but this is only the start... You approach turn 1 at 315 (could have been 320 for DRS but for some reason you can't activate it) and it sort of reminds me of a more compact version of the turn at the end of Mulsanne. A blisteringly fast entry with a braking zone to a 3rd gear sort of hairpin. This is probably one of my favourite braking zones in sim racing now! Then you come up to the "zig zag", which the SF1000 brutally murders flat out, but it should be more intense in a GT3 car (as the course was intended for, but I'm a rebel), and you come to what is probably the best overtaking corner on the track
Now turn 6 into 7 is a bit of a pain to get on the throttle, someone suggested changing it (into I imagine something like Bahrain's turn 9-10, but imo that would make the 8-9-10 esses too easy. What I would have done is extend the straight after turn 5, and do a COTA turn 1 but downhill on the entry. This would make a even better overtaking chance but also make it less of a pain to get on the throttle on the exit, while also making 8-9-10 blind. Btw, 8-9-10 are another excellent set of esse bends. I would have put a second DRS zone here, turn 11 is Austria's turn 2 (not really a bend in any car), but then you come to turn 12
The approach is just after the longest straight on the track, so 317 kmh, and you have to slow down to around 230 for a TERRIFIC balls to the wall right hander. It reminds me of the "Arribiatta" turns at Mugello but much more tighter so it is an actual challenge in a modern F1 car. Think your done mate... Cos turn 13 is even harder. You gain about 30 kmh but you have this almost flat right hander with some grass waiting for you on the exit. It's like what Bridge or Campsa used to be, an unforgiving, blindingly fast right hander. You pray for a break but this track is not giving you one (I say this in a good way btw) and you come to one of THE best corner sequences in sim racing (up there with the Porsche esses or the brutally fast 1st sector at COTA).
You first go a little bit to the left at 270 kmh, and your'e holding onto the KERS button. You then immediatley snap to the right at 280, still holding on to that KERS button. You then have an abrupt switch to the left at 285, still holding onto the KERS button and probably onto dear life as well. As you finish the left hander you see a crest that you're approaching at 290. You have to aim for this one earlier than you think, and you actually start to feel hot because your brain is now struggling to keep up. Still flat, still holding that KERS. Just as you want it to finish a right hander comes at you like a bat outta hell at 300, it's pretty easy flat, but after the ordeal you have just been through, it's anything but that.
You can finally get off that KERS button as you'll be saving some for the finish line later on, but you only get a break for presicley 0 seconds as you spot your braking zone for the ever so slightly banked final hairpin at around the 75 meter mark. You go from 310 down to 100 in just 2 seconds as you gently direct the car into the nice, gentle hairpin, and then it's back on the KERS, and you start it all over again.
This track is so underated. Please try it out :)
amazing track! ;)
Great Great !! Thank you great graphics and dynamics this track is great how the corners flow into each other
Pretty good!
Just like your other two tracks, incredible. In a formula car it is really intense through the esses sections, addictive trying to shave those extra bits of time off. Amazing work not just in the actual mod, but in the design too!
It's a great track with a nice feel of space! Main layout is a treat, very well balanced between chalenging spots, elevation changes, and fast sections. Club is awesome too! :thumbsup: I noticed a bit of an unused section, maybe a possible 3rd layout?
Fantastic track! It is so fun to drive with Formula Hybrid, the flow is amazing, the only thing I would change is turns 6 & 7 but that's just my personal opinion. Keep it up!
A star is born! What everybody else has said: this is a great track...and judging by doublezero's other tracks (Silver Coin here and others on his website), he's right up there with LilSki, Fat-Alfie, Mitja Bonca, Rigel, JohnR, Phoenix77, et alia. Five stars doesn't begin to cover it.
My #1 new fav

I missed this one in my alerts but downloaded it off the strength of your Silver Coin Circuit which I tried earlier.

Your track layouts are really fun to drive and have such a great flow. I just love this one and can't stop driving it. Great use of elevation, the back to back corners are great. T1 into T2 and 11 into 12 are lots of fun in an unbalanced car and did I mention it has amazing flow?!

Really well done. My only wish for this one is for the track surface to be made a little less visually bland, which I see is on your to-do list and the kerbs dirtying up a little bit.
Nice variation of corners on this, your tracks are really enjoyable! Thank you.
Really great track, awesome flow to it. the main track for some reason doesn't record lap times for me but the club track has no issues, I'm not sure if anyone else has had this issue
If there was an award for Assetto Corsa Track Modders Rookie Of The Year you'd probably have it 2021. I always prefer real tracks to fictional, but if the track feels and seems this real, I don't care. Some horizont/background would maybe be a nice addition though... Interested to see you works it the future; you've set the bar pretty high already but you seem to be know what you're doing.
Can't stop lapping this track. Flow-y track, great surfaces and grip, perfect kerbs. Forget that Tilke guy. This right here, is a track.

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