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AccelTest 2.1

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AccelTest measures while driving (e.g using the Drag 1000 track):
0-100 Km/h, 0-200 Km/h, 80-120 Km/h, 100-200 Km/h, 100-0 Km/h (in meters), quarter mile (402m) and 1000m. It shows the last and best values for the car.

Just unpack it in ...\apps\python\, enable Acceltest in the general settings and enable it in when driving like any other app.

Latest updates

  1. Major bug fixing in writing the perf data

    Oh well, the performance data always got written even if it hadn't been read from the past...
  2. Version 2.0: more & customizable measurements

    What's new in 2.0? - complete re-write to make it structured - easy to add/change/remove your...
  3. Fix for AC 1.3 (Km/h and MPH version included)

    Fix for AC 1.3 (Km/h and MPH version included) Issue was the shared mem library for python with...

Latest reviews

I doesnt show the 100-200 for me unfortunately. Is there a fix?
One of the all-time finest applications. I'm hoping it'll be updated.
Fantastic ! Now I can compare times in AC with AutoTopNL tests on Youtube. Nardo is the track.

Thank you very much for this. Thanks also for the customizing options, that's very cool.
It's lightweight and does exactly what it needs to.
Very usefull ! Thx!
Perfect for my obsession with testing cars.
Well done! Awesome app!
100-200 Km/h? please
There should be a 80-120 and 100-200 Km/h by default. Can you please double check? You can also add your own ranges in the .py file. Thanks, Joerg
very handy, ez to use
Обалденная вещь!))
nickel merci
Thanks man!! I'm so happy that 100-200 is now included. Works perfect.
Thank you for this great app.

Really nice to compare accelerations of cars with peak power at way lower rpms than the limiter and test various shift points.

The option for custom settings are a nice addition, because launching cars from 0 brings some variance to the tests, so 50-150 or 100-200 kph give some more consistency.
Just AWESOME, thanks mate, i was waiting for that since loooong time ;)
Really good app , but it still lacks the acceleration 0-300Km / h . Please supply later still , then the Perfect App
Great app! Where does it save the info for each car? I would like to delete some files because I drove top speed into the crash barrier at the end of the 1000M drag track and it put in data for 60-0 braking that is completely impossible. So, it always shows as my "best" braking distance now, even though it's not accurate.
First, thanks for the great hint to get a stunning 60-0 performance... and thanks for the review ;-)
As of now it doesn't store the values, so once you exit the track the values should be gone.
there is an error in the AccelTestMPH python file, is a space in between AccelTestMPH like this AccelTest MPH , works now removing space
after the update 1.3 not working anymore.
Now it's supported :-)
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