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g-force and tyre data app v1.5

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Show a classical g-force plot (with current and max values) and for each tyre show pressure in bar, temperature in C, wear in %, slip ratio (colored), dirt level (colored).

You can change the font size by editing fontSize = 16 in
Feel free to change bar to psi and C to F. You'd need to look into the code for this.
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Latest updates

  1. Added FFB - Another update by leBluem aka PleaseStopThis (all credits to him)

    Fixes & enhancements - plus now FFB (ForceFeedBack) indicator
  2. Snapshot

  3. Another update by leBluem aka PleaseStopThis (all credits to him)

    Update v1.4 added unit-switches for tyre-pressure and temperature (bar/psi and °C/°F) added...
  4. Update to v1.3 by leBluem aka PleaseStopThis

    Update v1.3 - by leBluem aka PleaseStopThis, Jan 2020 fixed inconsistency btw CM ui and actual...
  5. Major update by leBluem aka PleaseStopThis

    Major Update v1.2 - by leBluem aka PleaseStopThis, Jan 2020 added timer for hiding buttons...

Latest reviews

Thanks for the continued development. The customizability and functionality is just what i need. Thumbs up!
v1.3 doen't work, but v1.2 work perfect!
Love this app, thank you
Like this app. I just wish the refresh rate of numbers showing G forces would be at 5 Hz or so to be more readable and that there was a button to reset peak values of G forces.
A nice app, could be better if add a trace line for G-force
Thank you for the upload! Nice app!
Awesome app, Thank you!!!
perfect!! THX
Really cool idea. If you can add "multiple options" it can be a really more interesting app. Really love the clean style.

With multiple options i mean the chance to choose maybe only the info about the tires or the gmeter only :)
Anyway thanks for this!! :)
Thanks, available now :)
It's only by changing a parameter in the script and I hope most people don't need it change it on the fly.
Well done