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A1 Ring 2014-06-09

Austrian Formula One track

  1. Dennis Phelan
    The No Grip Race07 Track Conversion Project,
    Started by Rickylix presents for your pleasure.:

    A1Ring - Race07 Conversion by rickylix,
    Readme.txt Fixed, Repacked & Uploaded by Daviking.
    from GTL/GTR2 with full permissions.

    Thanks alot to Dutchdevil for the permissions.

    Message from Rickylix ...Known Issue:
    pressing "R" or pausing and selecting replay may result in ctd.

    This conversion have been tested for graphics, timing, and AIW.
    small bugs may be found as everyone has different systems and configurations.
    Mainly will be small fixes in either the .trk or .gdb file. If you find any,
    please post on the No-Grip forum for Race07 Converted Track Bug List. Also,
    if you are able to fix the issue, kindly post your fix in the same thread.
    Thanks for racing and enjoy!!

    The Project currently needs more guys helping out with more conversions.
    Feel absolutely free to join up at this No Grip forum thread..:

    ORIGINAL GTL / GTR2 Readme.txt below...

    Austria A1 Ring conversion for GTL Version 1.0

    Full DX9 compatible, with complete multitexturing and lighting.
    Startlights working, Background authentic

    Had to remove the night lights as it was causing problems with the
    lightning in GTL. But u can still drive at night its only a bit dark.


    Just extract the rar to ur GTL\GameData\Locations folder and start up
    GTL to play it.

    Known isues:

    - No track icon and GTL type loading screen
    - With dawn and dusk u get some small texture problems

    Conversion for GTL by DutchDevil
    Converted from Genhis99 A1 ring V1.3 for rFactor wich was converted
    from Addon.fr's A1Ring for GTR

    Thanks to Genhis99 for his friendly permission.
    Special thanks for GTEvo for letting me use his edited cam file for this release.
    And thanks to 4ph3x and Bob for testing the track for bugs.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Tony Dean
    Tony Dean
    Version: 2014-06-09
    Nicely done thanks
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