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#81 Auricom C7R

#81 Auricom C7R 2.0

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Wonderful idea and execution. As an Auricom fanboy I am truly delighted. Thanks a lot !
Any plans for other Ships into other cars? that would be so cool :D Love what you did with the Auricom heehehe Xtriko (Drunken Master)
I might try Icaras on URD's Vantage but other than that no, didn't like what I came up with for other teams in the past
This made me speechless.
KOOL!!! * Downloaded * Many THANX
The complexity and quality of your designs are just so impressive. Lovely work, also very complete with the suits and wheels.
top work, thanks
More WipEout !!!
Amazing work! Please port this livery to Pcars!
you're one of the most fantastic skin modder IMO
thxs for sharing and for your great work
More WipEout PLEASE!!! :D
Oh! Oh yes! This is fantastic!

Please, please do more! I've always loved the Wipeout series' aesthetic.
Stunning looking original skin, great job :)