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#81 Auricom C7R

#81 Auricom C7R 2.0

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- updated skin_map to bring the livery closer to what I wanted to do thanks to the paint materials allowed by the shader patch
- added some details on the livery (warnings, tear-offs, pilot ID)
- compatibility with @M4MKey 's light config
- updated .psd files

- added helmet_2012_glass.dds
- renamed 2016_Gloves_DIFF_NM.dds to 2016_Gloves_NM.dds
- renamed 2016_Suit_DIFF_NM.dds to 2016_Suit_NM.dds
- new driver suit and gloves
- new helmet
- added crew suits and gloves
- added ac_crew.dds
- updated .psd files