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  1. speedyx56

    #64 488 GT3 Qirex RD 1.0

  2. FRC.Poollugar

    FRCWhango 1.3

    FRCWhango ,FRCZralinerwo 2 tracks to race like nfs 3 the canyon track wipeout with formel 1 mod for GTR2 or again for Truck Racing
  3. S

    VRC Formula NA 2012 - AG-Systems 2018-07-11

    It's now the turn of AG-Systems to be represented onto the Formula NA 2012 chassis. The skin is still based on the FX350 appearing in WipEout HD.
  4. S

    VRC Formula NA 2012 - Feisar 2018-07-06

    A fantasy skin based on the FX350 Feisar ship. It's far from perfect even tho the amount of time i spent on this was pretty insane. Plans are to do ALL of the teams present in WipEout HD. Enjoy!
  5. speedyx56

    #64 488 GT3 Qirex RD 2.0

    More pictures About the carving on the dashboard : in the Wipeout lore Arian Tetsuo is an aggressive pilot who has a fierce rivalry with her twin sister Arial. I wanted to reflect that by suggesting her going mental after a bad race and carving out the dashboard of her own car. If you do not...
  6. speedyx56

    #81 Auricom C7R 2.0

    More pictures Compatible with @M4MKey 's light config .psd files Uncompressed screenshots
  7. speedyx56

    #15 FEISAR Z4 GT3 1.0

    .psd files
  8. speedyx56

    #76 Qirex Vantage GT3 1.0

    .psd files

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