4K Drift / itasha skins for jzx110, jzx100, 180sx and altezza. Pack 03. 2016-09-03

4K drift / itasha skin

  1. kazama85
    The jzx110 and jzx100 skins were made using the Titan mod as base, but it should also work for other mods that use the same 3D model.

    The 180sx and altezza skins were made for the sdc mod, you will need the following cars: sdc_nissan_180sx sdc_toyota_altezza_drift

    You can try the 180sx and altezza skins on other mods too if you think they are the same 3D model.

    I apologize for the altezza skin since there were some random parts of the car that were unskinable, that's why you will see some residues on the skirts and other parts of the car.


    Pack 01, Pack 02
    preview.gif Screenshot_ti_toyota_markii_jzx110_drift_3-9-116-11-51-37.jpg 180sx.jpg
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  1. Zotto
    Version: 2016-09-03
  2. zukomuR32
    Version: 2016-09-03
    it works
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