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2-way Traffic Layout for "Nsuka" + fixes 2019-10-15

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The "Nsuka" ("Naruto Skyline") mod can provide more enjoyment with 2-way traffic (Trackday/Weekend) and races both ways and this is what you get with my update. No sticking to the walls and falling down into the brown. Pits increased to hold 18 opponents and race grids created to match that.


New lines for less corner-cutting and overall faster AI. The robots and the track collider objects are heavy on the CPU so decrease the number of opponents if necessary.
Due to the narrowness of many parts of the course collisions are very frequent. Use of "AI flood" helps to decrease the CPU load a bit. You can enjoy the traffic that way even with 5-6 AI`s. I made all I could to do a working pitlane without moving the location.
AI flood.jpg

After adding this content you still have the "Nsuka_Eastlong" layout for faster loading without AI (multiplayer). To remove the roadblock edit "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\Nsuka\models_nsuka_eastlong.ini" and delete the paragraph for "[MODEL_5]"

You can have 38 loading slots for multiplayer by editing "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\Nsuka\ui\nsuka_eastlong\ui_track.json"

Install: extract all from "Nsuka 2way + races + physics fixes.7z" into "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\Nsuka\" and overwrite the old files. If in doubt, make backups by moving aside the old "nsuka.kn5" and "nsuka_base.kn5" . Without file replacing the new layouts won`t work.
Move "nsuka_lamps.kn5" and "nsuka.ini" from "-- config and lighting --" to "..\AssettoCorsa\extension\config\tracks\loaded\". The config for materials and lighting is merged LeBluem and mine from the texture fix. It loads the lamps model and contains fixes for materials as well as config for lighting.

The previous fix for terrain colors is recommended. Only the config file from it is now obsolete.
19 grid nsuka_outerloop.jpg
19 grid nsuka_outerloop2.jpg

Ownership: all track models, objects, materials, configs and everything from the original belongs to the authors. I`m not hijacking this mod by making public my work. The dates of release are enough proof for anyone.

Some real life footage of the place.
Tip: choose for yourself one not-so-fast car and observe the opponents being nasty SOB`s frequently brake-checking you in the narrow places and then disappearing fast only to repeat that tease when you catch up. Being brave in the corners shows them who`s boss.

Happy driving!
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Thank you! Hope more real crusing road will come to AC, I know its mainly aimed for circuit racing, still some projects like Alto Tajo, Sp 237, LA Canyons, Aspertsham are real fun to drive, hope there will be traffic and textures updates for Hong and California Coast roads. Keep on fellas and RD staff, this fantastic game is still alive after those years with mods its really a big deal!!!!
OMG it is happening I wnt somthing like that for ages .THank you so much no my favourite crusing route is becomming more alive.
Yes, that road begs for it! I felt that too.
Have a blast!