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  1. Scott Vincent

    The Baguette Bread Brands Pack 1.2

    Team Name: Hovis Racing Team Name: Asda Racing Team Name: Team Reeve the Baker Team Name: 50/50 Racing Team Name: Kingsmill Motors Team Name: Morrisons Motorsports Team Name: Racing Rathbones Bread Team Name: Sainsbury's Basic Motors Team Name: Tesco Finest Motorsport Team Name: Warburtons...
  2. Wietie

    Ligier JS8 - Lidl Fast Delivery Service 2019-11-27

    At last Lidl has found their delivery vehicle of choice! Light? Check. Enough room for many baguettes? Check. Roundabouts can be taken flat? Check. Stops from top speed to 0 faster than a Pagani Zonda R? Check. Look no further, this is the fastest way to deliver in style. (just a quick skin...
  3. teddyator

    Ligier JS8- Formula E Medical Car 1.0

    I really don't know what I was thinking with this one... :roflmao: Enjoy!
  4. teddyator

    Ligier JS8 - Skoda 200RS 1.0

    another Ligier JS8 skin, this time from my favourite Škoda rally car, the 200RS. Enjoy! :thumbsup:
  5. teddyator

    Ligier JS8 - Tofu Shop Delivery 1.0

    So uhm... lots of Eurobeat was played yesterday and this is the result. Ligier JS8 x Initial D AE86 Go enjoy this box!
  6. teddyator

    Ligier JS8 - Ligier JS11 1.0

    Ligiers? Ligiers. JS11 livery but it's a JS8, not much needing to be said. I hope you enjoy these little boxes as much as I do! :D
  7. Monol

    Huh, just a box... 2019-07-20

    For the Ligier JS8 S1. But it's just a box anyway. :D If you have any critique or feedback, please tell me! I'm always trying to improve. I hope you enjoy them. :thumbsup:
  8. garyjpaterson

    Cars 1982 Ligier JS8

    garyjpaterson submitted a new resource: 1982 Ligier JS8 - The finest product of the well-known French motorsports company, Ligier. Read more about this resource...
  9. garyjpaterson

    1982 Ligier JS8 0.91

    When I saw this, I knew it had to be done. There was no doubting it; this car had to be in AC: So here we are. I didn't spend much time on this, not aiming for perfection by any stretch. But its reasonably decent, few bits missing that I don't really care about (dirt/damage etc). Has most of...