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1975 Allied Polymer Group Ford Escort (Mäkinen/Liddon) 2019-09-06

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Here is my skin of the 1975 Allied Polymer Group Escort driven by Timo Mäkinen with Henry Liddon. I hope you enjoy it!



Once again I've used edgenz' Hayden/Paddon skin as my template. Many thanks to him for his great work.

This skin is dedicated to the memory of Timo Mäkinen (1938-2017) and Henry Liddon (1932-1987)


I also want to thank everyone for the nice feedback on my previous skin, the 1982 Black Beauty, I really appreciate it!

I'll be updating those hopefully before too long.
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Had never seen this livery before. Thanks for updating. Enjoying this livery.
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!