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custom skin

  1. Whalenap

    LM Performance - Monster Energy Porsche 911 II GT3R 1.0

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've shared anything new here, so here's a brand new skin in black with dual matte / gloss texture. Remember that a beer or a coffee is always a pleasure, and also remember that for a donation of 5 euros (or more) I offer a selection - renewed...
  2. NachoRayen

    Audi TT Monster Punch 1.0

    Nacho Rayen Skins This skin was designed from scratch by me. This skin is based on others that I made previously for other vehicles (if you want me to upload those of other vehicles, do not forget to rate the publication, be it for better or for worse) Kronos helped me design the first...
  3. smashers249

    PC2 Need a livery urgently

    Hi all, I need a livery for the Audi R8 LMS 24h urgently. Anyone who would like to offer their services, please DM me or reply to this thread ASAP. Thanks, Charles
  4. MelesMeles

    1975 Allied Polymer Group Ford Escort (Mäkinen/Liddon) 2019-09-06

    Here is my skin of the 1975 Allied Polymer Group Escort driven by Timo Mäkinen with Henry Liddon. I hope you enjoy it! Once again I've used edgenz' Hayden/Paddon skin as my template. Many thanks to him for his great work. This skin is dedicated to the memory of Timo Mäkinen (1938-2017)...
  5. kawa4saki

    Retro 2008 valencia Repsol honda for custom rider (modernbike) 2019-09-04

    2th custom skin, much better then previous one. contain's: custom suit and bike livery. helmet/number & butpatch not included. created the 2008 Valencia Repsol honda, for custom rider (with aplinestar suit. ) if you have any problems, issues or other question's etc. please let me know.
  6. kawa4saki

    Retro 2005 Yamaha Valencia for custom rider (modernbike) 2019-09-03

    This is my very first created skin for motogp19, my first attempt aswell. It replaces the modern yamaha for custom rider (monster energy bike only) Tried to get as close as possible for me, to get the Yamaha 2005 Valencia livery on the bike, aswell for the suit. It is not 100% accurate...
  7. derick_pereira

    Ford Fiesta Sebastien Ogier WRC 2018 1.2

    Installation instructions Extract the 'Ford Fiesta WRC 2018 Sebastien Ogier 1.2' rar file Go to - Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'ford_focus_rx_livery' DDS file Unfortunately it's not possible to change the rims colour yet!!
  8. ajanhallinta

    ESTuner 0.2

    ESTuner v0.2 | by: ajanhallinta ------------------------------- ESTuner allows you to change following values on Jonnez ES: - Power multiplier - Final Drive Ratio - Angular Drag - Mass - Add / remove gears and set each gear's invidual ratio. - Set TCS / ESP ON/OFF You can also load models /...