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1937 Auto Union Type C

1937 Auto Union Type C 0.5

No permission to download
Merry Christmas!

Please note with is really quite WIP - and the version number reflects that.

I wanted to release this for Christmas,, though by the time I had decided that it'd have been unfair of me to try and ask anyone to help at such short notice (so Aphidgod for physics, and a few others for SFX).
So instead, I've uploaded what I have, and if something is wrong or bad etc. its down to me. Later on we can work together to improve it :)

I'll try and update this page with more info, pics, what I think still needs work and what is more complete etc, but I'm in a bit of a rush right now and just want it available ASAP.

Skin Templates:

Despite not being 100% final I think its a lot of fun, I hope you enjoy it too.

If you fancy it, donation link below:

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Latest reviews

Love it, sounds good now.
Wow! Holy mackerel, this amazing! I love how it handles and the modelling is a pleasure to look at. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Very fun and challenging car to drive; my main issue is the front-bumper cam is completely unusable as the camera sits right inside the grille.
Yep, thats my bad in a rush to release it before christmas, never tested the few things I dont use myself (so the dash cam). An update with the fix will come eventually, though I'm admittedly pretty bad at updating old things...
it has way too much grip for my taste (im being sarcastic)
the only i didnt like was the engine sound taken from maserati 250. i've seen many videos in YT...
something like this maybe:
I'm not a sound modder, i can only make do with what I have available. I've had a few people express interest in creating custom SFX for this car, its up to them if they want to send stuff over to be used.
Love it hard to drive no brakes just as it should be. Take time then realy satisfying.
I might like this car, but it is undrivable due to the seating. there is no way to adjust it and i can't even see the
Use the onboard app to move the camera wherever you want. Yes the dash cam preset isn't set correctly which was a mistake, but seems the other 6000+ people were able to figure out they can switch to the cockpit cam and move it wherever they please with no problems...
What else can I say? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this car. Greatest vintage race car ever to grace us with its sim racing presence. Can't wait to see it get to 1.0!
Next best thing to a 2020 F1 car
Finally my rig is back in one piece so I can drive this work of art! It's just brilliant! Exceeds all the high hopes I had for this mod watching its development on the forums. Handling is very compelling and immersive but I am now crashing in lots of new places on circuits I know back to front! What a thrill that is! Thanks once again for all the time and effort to make this available.
The car is awesome even you using only for hotlaps, is not easy to drive you have spent hours maybe days for completly control.

Best handling and realistic you can find in 30's material for AC, must have.
Hans bring ze silberpfeil! Roaring down the ring never felt so good and deadly. Fantastic job!
Crazy Car. I like it.
This car is a right laugh especially up the Goodwood Hillclimb.
Bernd Rosemeyer approved. The attention to detail is phenomenal and mastering this car has to be the most fun you can have in a driving sim in 2020.
What an awesome job you have done here, Gary. Especially given it's still in BETA. I had a ball driving your previous creation, the Ford Transit Van - where I proudly beat both the Top Gear & Jimmy Broadbent times in that Van, so I knew I had to drive this one as well. I have driven all four? of your cars on my Channel - but if anyone wants to see this particular car in action, then here is the link below. THANKYOU AGAIN GARY!!!
I don't play AC as much as before, but quality mods like this keep alive my interest for the game. We need more cars like this.
Excellent, bloody amazing fantastic. A prewar race car of such top notch quality. A jewel of a car! Can't get over how great it looks and how scary it is to drive. Astonishing attention to detail. I'm in love!
It was hilarious watching my cousins try to drive this thing when they were over for Christmas. It's so much fun.
fantastic content, my childhood dream to drive cars of this era on a simulator ^^
Loving the car, good fun especially on the classic monza bank section lol. Great sound, the engine reminds me of a Spitfire Merlin Rolls Royce engine.

Just downloading right now, but I was visiting family over the holidays and my father and I spent a lot of time (trying to) wheel this thing around Fonteny and the 30s Donington.

Thanks so much for this!
This mod is absolutely stunning! The actual model of the car is 11/10, amazing work! It is the best 1930's Grand Prix car you can get now: It drives amazing, and has a great feel and is overall fun to throw around some old tracks that we have in AC!
My lap times are...… slow, the car is fantastic
Tricky to drive, but a great car. Very well done!
In graphics for me it is already final version.
Maybe the most difficult is to achieve the real sound.
Ratios gears and physics are small details to polish
(sorry for the bad traducction XD)
This is one of the best car mods I ever did downloaded. Very tricky car to drive btw.
Thanks for making this one and giving us an opportunity to feel what it would be like to drive a car from that period ! I love the needle going wild on the rev meter. The fact the meter is so big is also really understandable :) Staying into the red for a long period does not kill the engine though.. I also love seeing the exhaust flames in my mirrors in VR. Took it for a spin around Fonteny, and every time you you a sharp corner comes up I get scared from the time I start to brake, until I'm actually at the corner because I have no idea if the car will slow down enough to make the corner, and that's a long time. It is as much fun as I expected it to be, thanks !
The engine will take about 60 seconds of full throttle before failure - seemed reasonable enough to me over say a full grand prix distance :) Think of it like push to pass lol
Awesome! thanks :)
Thank you much fun to drive this beast on Deutschlandring!
So cool! The details are awesome. I love the vanes on the grill.

I rendered a bunch of 4k desktop wallpapers for anyone who wants to download them of this sweet car. They are 21x9 widescreen. You can get them here:
Challenging - but fun -- and so beautiful!!! Back in the day the drivers of those machines must have been completely mad, heroes, or both (more likely the later)
Fantastic car, well executed mod. A real handful!!
I've been waiting for this car to compete with the W125.
Thanks alot!
This car is deceivingly fast in a straight line. Amazing that they could reach those speeds back in 1937
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