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  1. Wie die Nazis beinahe die Nordschleife ersetzt hätten | #Storytime

    Wie die Nazis beinahe die Nordschleife ersetzt hätten | #Storytime

    1933 begannen die Nationalsozialisten mit der Operation Großdeutschlandrind. Eine gigantische Rennstrecke mit einem Ziel: Die Nordschleife abzulösen. Was aus dieser Strecke geworden ist und warum der Nürburgring auch heute noch die Nummer 1 ist seht ihr im heutigen #Storytime Video!
  2. Ben Dovah

    Auto Union Type C: BARNSTORM Ein Punkt fünf

    Ben Dovah Barns Proudly Presents Der GEWITTERSTURM! (The BARNSTORM) Like you'll look this good at 83 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screens ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  3. garyjpaterson

    1937 Auto Union Type C 0.5

    Merry Christmas! Please note with is really quite WIP - and the version number reflects that. I wanted to release this for Christmas,, though by the time I had decided that it'd have been unfair of me to try and ask anyone to help at such short notice (so Aphidgod for physics, and a...
  4. crimsonregency

    Assetto Corsa: Pre-War Race Cars & Tracks (1919-1940)

    This is my attempt at creating a list of all the Car & Tracks for Assetto Corsa from the Pre War Era (1919-1940). Please feel free to share any that I have missed. I hope this thread becomes an awesome resource and collection of all the Pre-War mods available for AC. Tracks (3): 1937 AVUS...
  5. garyjpaterson

    Cars 1937 Auto Union Type C (WIP)

    New thread time. Started this some time ago after being inspired to give @mantasisg's Merc W125 a friend. Only able to work on it intermittently, but its been nicely progressing over time and is soon ready to go in-game with the first textures. Model is nearing completion, just missing a...