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auto union

  1. H

    Auto Union Type C skin pack 1.0

    10 simple race skins for Auto Union Type C. Some are real AU liveries (though one is slightly anacronistic as it's from 2011), some are made from slot cars and images I found online Some of the skins use CSP configs for rims and stuff. Skins work without CSP but some parts won't look quite as...
  2. Wie die Nazis beinahe die Nordschleife ersetzt hätten | #Storytime

    Wie die Nazis beinahe die Nordschleife ersetzt hätten | #Storytime

    1933 begannen die Nationalsozialisten mit der Operation Großdeutschlandrind. Eine gigantische Rennstrecke mit einem Ziel: Die Nordschleife abzulösen. Was aus dieser Strecke geworden ist und warum der Nürburgring auch heute noch die Nummer 1 ist seht ihr im heutigen #Storytime Video!
  3. Piperkyle

    Memphis Belle Auto Union Type C 1.0

    Livery inspired by the WWII B-17 bomber "Memphis Belle". It's not 100% accurate by any means but I really enjoy it and I hope you do as well.
  4. Ben Dovah

    Auto Union Type C: BARNSTORM Ein Punkt fünf

    Ben Dovah Barns Proudly Presents Der GEWITTERSTURM! (The BARNSTORM) Like you'll look this good at 83 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screens ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  5. garyjpaterson

    Skin Templates - Auto Union Type C 1

    Skin templates for the Auto Union Type C (which you can get here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/1937-auto-union-type-c.30182/) I've tried to keep it reasonably logical but ask if you're unsure about how something works. Includes 3D PSD templates too. (Just an example skin in 3D/2D...
  6. teddyator

    Auto Union Typ C - Vanderbilt Cup 1937 #9 1.0

    Historical skin time today, Ernst von Delius' #9 Auto Union Typ C as driven in the 1937 Vanderbilt Cup Race held at Roosevelt Raceway. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!! :D
  7. garyjpaterson

    1937 Auto Union Type C 0.5

    Merry Christmas! Please note with is really quite WIP - and the version number reflects that. I wanted to release this for Christmas,, though by the time I had decided that it'd have been unfair of me to try and ask anyone to help at such short notice (so Aphidgod for physics, and a...