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Apps FFBClip app 4.3.3

Shows your current FFB level and clipping, and suggest a FFB setting

  1. Atle Dreier submitted a new resource:

    FFBClip app - Shows your current FFB level and clipping, and suggest a FFB setting

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  2. Angeltheartist


    in what assetto corsa file do I install in to.
  3. In your main Assetto Corsa folder. For me that is F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa, but yours may vary slightly depending on install path. Unpacking it to the main AC folder will put it where it belongs.
  4. Hi, I use this app for a long time. I can't drive without this app, but with the latest updates do not understand how to set the FFB. I do long sessions (50-100 laps), about 15-20 laps before changing the FFB for the first time; so the app, for example, said to change the FFB from 100 to 90; after another 20 laps the app said to change the FFB from 90 to 100 and so on.
    I made many attemps with "clip free" option, because I prefer the ffb a little bit softer.
    Is there something I'm missing with the latest versions?
    Can you help me?

    thank you
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  5. very useful application indeed. I cant say I totally understand it though. It gives me a value, I correct the FFB and the value in the app as explained, but after another lap it gives me very confusing numbers again, too big a difference to be logical. (not going into a wall or anything stupid)

    Is there any way to implement specific controls for each car through this to adjust road effects, curb effects and so on? That would be truly awesome.
  6. Nothing has really changed with the math behind the app for quite a while.
    The new ffb system in AC (using +/- keys to adjust ffb) means that the UI is a little different.
    When you first get on track the app will load the current value of the ffb for that car, but if you change it while drivingyou MUST remember to update the "Car FFB Mult" spinner to reflect the new value you are using. There is currently no way for the app to know what value you have when you change it on the fly. Just make sure that the "Car FFB Mult" spinner match the actual ffb value that you can set with the +/- keys, and the app should be pretty consistent.
  7. How big is the difference you are seeing? within 10% is perfectly normal variation, sometimes even more for some car and track combinations. Especially the "Clip free" method can vary greatly on some tracks. Example: Nordschleife, Fuchsrohre. If you go down without touching the kerb it really loads up the suspension and the ffb. Now, if you do the same place, and touch the kerb I've seen the value change by 20%. due to the heavy load AND the sharp bump you get from the kerb. The averaged method will almost completely ignore this big value difference, but the nordschleife has several corners like that, so it all adds up. Stefan Bellof S, is the same, touching the kerb makes a big impact on the suggestion since it's such a sharp jolt in the ffb, and the app tries to make those jolts clip free. This is where the graph comes in handy. You can easily see the big jolts. If the yellow line is constantly over the red line you are clipping (and the mild and hard clipping % will go up). If the yellow line stays below the red line almost al the time you are pretty much good to go.
  8. Yeah I should look more at the graph. But still being able to dial in curb and road effects per car would be useful.
  9. I don't see how I can separate those effects from the "real" signal, though. I recommend driving without them for a while to get used to the "raw" output from the sim, and then add any effects back in gradually and evaluate their effect on the overall experience.
  10. Thats good advice and basically what I did after trying it the other way around. Problem for me though is to my liking different cars need very different settings. Some have exaggerated road effects and makes the wheel shake. The biggest difference is in mod-cars, not surprisingly.
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  11. Well, real cars also have very varied "force feedback". My GT86 has very little road texture feel, but very good chassis feedback. In the MR2 I had a while back I could feel every pebble on the road. My Audi S2 was very vague and I couldn't really feel much at all in terms of feedback. So different cars are very different in terms of feel, and I think it's great that the sim is able to convey that. I personally think it's a shame that Kunos have normalized the ffb gains across cars now, so that difference is much less pronounced.
  12. "Target gain" is a spinner that let you tell the app that your hardware is clipping before 100% input level. Please review the "How to calibrate" thread in my signature for a more thorough discussion on how to set this value correctly.

    Can someone tell me more about the above please. I can't find the info anywhere.
  13. First, have you read the OP of Atle's thread in AC? After performing the steps suggested, especially upon determining your wheel's clipping point (per graph resulting from wheelcheck app), you enter this value in Target Gain in Atle's app.
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  14. OK please direct me to his main thread. I just had a look but couldn't find one. I can only find this app thread. Thanks.
  15. This is AC's forum. Search for 'Calibrating your force feedback', it's found under the Chit Chat room.
  16. OK thanks, that's a bit clearer.
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  17. I'm getting, "controls.ini missing, using 100%"? Any idea why?
  18. If you use the latest version (On the Assetto Corsa forums), that issue is fixed. This version isn't updated for quite a while.
  19. Atle Dreier updated FFBClip app with a new update entry:

    New version 4.1.3 - fully automated

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  20. I just updated it but it still says that, it does otherwise work just fine, the settings are saved.