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FFBClip app 4.3.3

Shows your current FFB level and clipping, and suggest a FFB setting

  1. Atle Dreier
    What is it?
    It is a small app that will show you your current FFB level and any clipping you may experience, and it will also suggest a gain setting to use in the game to minimize clipping and maximize forces generated from your force feedback device.

    How do I use it?
    Unpack the .RAR to your main Assetto Corsa folder, not the one in "My Documents"
    Run Assetto Corsa and enable "FFBClip" in MAIN MENU -> OPTIONS -> GENERAL -> UI Modules

    What are the values, and how do they help me?
    "FFB should be set to:"
    This number indicate what you should set your in-car FFB gain to using numpad +/- keys. This number is absolute, meaning there is no calculations necessary on this number, just adjust the FFB gain to the same as this number.
    "FFB Gain:" is just the gain you have set in Assetto Corsa main menu.
    Mild clipping value indicate the amount of time your ffb level is between 95 and 105%. A few percent of mild clipping is desirable in most cases, that means you are maximizing you force feedback
    Hard clipping indicate that the force feedback is clipping severely. You should aim to minimize this number, but the occational jolt, kerbs and big bumps may still generate large forces that will show up as hard clipping. Don't worry about this, some hard clipping is more or less unavoidable in a high end simulator.
    "Averaged" / "Clip free": This button select which method to use for calculating the FFB gain. The Averaged one will give you stronger ffb effects at the expense of some clipping in the heaviest corners, like Eau Rogue and Fuchsrohre. Clip free is a setting that takes into account all corners on a track and make sure there is minimal clipping at any point of the track.
    "Target gain" is a spinner that let you tell the app that your hardware is clipping before 100% input level. Please review the "How to calibrate" thread in my signature for a more thorough discussion on how to set this value correctly.
    "Car FFB Mult" need to match the current ffb gain that you set with numpad +/- keys. The app will read the initial value when you first load the game, but if you change it on track the app cannot know what the value is set to. You need to do this manually. The current value can be checked by briefly pressing + or - on the numpad or by bringing up the "Force Feedback Controller" app (this is built in, everyone has this app).
    "Buffer" is the number of ffb peaks to consider for the averaged solution.
    The green curve is your current, unfiltered force feedback level
    The yellow curve is the filtered force feedback used to suggest the gain setting. I filter it to get rid of most of the big spikes that would skew the suggested gain.
    The red line is clipping level. Any force that goes above this line is clipped.

    You can change values on the fly, and the app will update your solution. If you change the gain setting you will reset the current solution since the stored values will no longer be relevant. You can change buffer, target and method without resetting the solution.

    The suggestion that the app comes up with is valid for this particular track and car combination. The different cars in particular vary greatly in how much force they produce, but even the track can exaggerate this. Some tracks are very bumpy and need a lower gain setting, others are very smooth and allow a higher gain.

    Many people are used to having their ffb set too high or too low. I suggest using the suggested gain for a while to "acclimatize" and get used to the new feel.

    Technical info on the methods:
    The clip free method records the single highest filtered peak and use that as the basis for the suggestion. This means that if you have a single heavy ffb event on an otherwise flat track you'll end up with a very light feel, but clip free in the heavy corner. The averaged method averages over several peaks (corners) and use that average as the basis for the suggestion.

    Added Histogram mode and made it the default

    Fixed Maximal mode division by zero error
    Hopefully fixed all modes this time.
    Adjusted initial dynamic mode, it is a lot less harsh now. The normal dynamic mode is untouched.
    App now correctly loads gains from the Combo.ini file.

    Fixed Global mode.
    Manual mode when finished gathering data now works
    New PreferManual mode in FFBClip.ini makes the app always start in manual mode
    New PreferGlobal mode in FFBClip.ini makes the app use the built-in gain saving system (user_ff.ini)
    New rendermethod should allow VR users to use the app. The app now runs even when hidden in the right hand app menu. Should be good for screenshots too.

    Fixed a tiny typo that prevented manual mode after the app is satisfied it has enough data.
    Complete rewrite of the entire app, from the ground up. The big changes are outlined in the above text.
    Load and save gain per car/track combination
    Logging of FFB values to a file
    Config file for basic app setup. The different options are explained in the file

    Added a few switches in the ini file to control the UI.
    Minimized: Will launch a smaller version of the app
    Indicate Clipping: will turn the app window background red whenever you are clipping as a visual aid.
    Both these are work in progress and I will adjust and improve them over time.

    Added a config file where you can set your Target Gain value permanently. If your hardware dictate that your maximum output should be 85% set 0.85 in the config file.
    App now reads the value you last set for the current car. It still can't read the ffb value while on track since the .ini file isn't updated, but the next time you open the game the file will be updated. That means that if you don't change anything the readout will be correct, but you still need to update if you change the gain while driving.
    Reverted some changes from 3.0, and enhanced some functionality. First of all you will now be able to change more stuff on the fly, and see the changes immediately. The only thing that will reset the solution is changing the in-car gain setting. This number needs to match your actual gain setting (easily viewable from the built-in FFB Controller app). These numbers need to match for the app to be accurate. This works exactly like the old car setup multiplier.
    I've ditched the text feedback, and the confidence. The app should now give pretty accurate result quite fast, within a lap or a few minutes.
    Averaged/Clip free: This is where you select the method to use for the suggestion. Averaged will take the average of a number of ffb peaks. This solution will generate the strongest ffb, with a small amount of clipping. The Clip free solution will strive to get a very limited amount of clipping, so it will feel weaker overall, but should be very close to clip free.
    Buffer: This is the number of ffb peaks to consider for the averaged solution method.

Recent Reviews

  1. Maximiliano
    Version: 4.3.3
    This app is a must have for anyone using a FFB wheel. It makes everything a lot easier to set-up while giving just the right amount of feedback. Thanks to the author for such an amazing tool!
  2. Ade067
    Version: 4.3.3
    As many others have said before...this is awesome and is pretty much essential to anyone using a ffb wheel. Huge thanks to the author, you sir are a legend!!
  3. acrox999
    Version: 4.3.3
    Saved me a ton of time. I was messing with the FFB settings almost all of the time I played this game. Auto + Dynamic mode is just what I needed.

    Fanatec CSW V2.
  4. Krzysztof Lipczynski
    Krzysztof Lipczynski
    Version: 4.3.3
    My favourite apps!
  5. Raysracing
    Version: 4.3.3
    This is a game changer for me in AC because my Fanatec GT3 wheel clips easily (2.6Nm motor). Thanks so much.
  6. Steve Battaglia
    Steve Battaglia
    Version: 4.3.3
    Hi, it's possible to set in fiel 'FFBClip.ini' by default
    PreferredProfile with Dynamic and Strong options?

    Thank you for your best have app!!!
  7. theDropac
    Version: 4.3.3
    i downloaded the latest Version of the App but it still works under 4.1.3 the only thing that changed was the Icon on the right side. Also, after some laps he goes out from Auto mode and dont alow me to set it back to Auto so i need to exit the race and go back again. Its a big problem on tracks where he sets the Gain high but after 2-3 turns the wheel starts clippping and hes out from Auto mode
  8. PrimeCoder
    Version: 4.3.3
    Works really well. Kunos needs to integrate this into the game.
  9. Bruno32600
    Version: 4.3.3
    very nice app
    just bug for dynamic mode , no possible activate in FFBClip.ini
  10. Fahzzy
    Version: 4.3.3
    I created a user name here just to let you know that this app makes my experience so much better. The dynamic mode really helps bring certain cars to life. I have a T150 Thrustmaster wheel and the difference is night and day. I love how when my tire hits the grass or dirt it becomes appropriately heavier on that side indicating the sudden increase in friction.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make this app.
  11. DJ Ballistic
    DJ Ballistic
    Version: 4.3.3
    same bug need to click word dynamic on app for it to work but great app when working
  12. robnitro
    Version: 4.3.3
    Great! But one bug, if you turn off the graphs, for simple look minimized, it ends up making some of my other apps flicker at 1 second interval. Weird
  13. thebranmaster
    Version: 4.3.3
    Greatly improved FFB feel.
  14. rabbitapple
    Version: 4.3.3
  15. Diablo_rf
    Version: 4.3.3
    Just thanks!
  16. ladose
    Version: 4.3.3
    Very good job,
    Finally good sensations of piloting.
    I will continue to have fun while waiting for the next update.

    Thank you
  17. f4f4wildcat
    Version: 4.3.3
    Just a fantastic app. My G27 just feels right using this mod in dynamic mode. Indipensable.
  18. STONE0627
    Version: 4.3.2
  19. DJ Ballistic
    DJ Ballistic
    Version: 4.3.2
    very useful, but as someone else mentioned the dynamic mode button needs to be clicked every session as it doesnt work otherwise
  20. Davemester
    Version: 4.3.2
    been using it since i got the wheel. does the perfect job. no hesitation, use this.
  21. Wise Man
    Wise Man
    Version: 4.3.2
    I like the idea of this app, however, it has some flaws which keep bothering me to really use it. Dynamic mode would be a great idea, if it would work more reliable. Meaning the instant drops while cornering, sometimes causing crashes because of moving the wheel unintentionally due to lower FFB. Also Dynamic mode isnt working after start, you first have to click the button, even if it shows dynamic already. While racing, the dynamic mode sometimes just stops, without no known reason. I hope for better versions, especially regarding the dynamic mode, which is right now unusabel for me. (CSW2 hardware).
    1. Atle Dreier
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the feedback on dynamic mode. Regarding the button having to be pressed at start, the UI is always showing the current mode, not what will happen when you press the button. I am currently rewriting and redoing the entire UI and ini file system for my app, so expect improvements in readability and functionality soon™.

      Regarding the abruptness of the gain changes the mode is designed to avoid clipping, but maybe softening the gain change is a good idea, and allow some clipping at turn-in. I'll definitely try to experiment with it. Dynamic mode was initially a fun experiment that I wasn't expecting anyone to care for and actually use, so it's a bit rough. I observe that people actually seem to use it and enjoy it, so it will get some more attention after the UI update.

      Have you been able to find any pattern in when the dynamic mode "just stops"? That is very interesting, and the first time I've had this bug reported. I'd like to hear more about when and how it happens so I can fix it.
  22. lt50
    Version: 4.3.2
    The best app ever
  23. SLS-Ralle
    Version: 4.3.2
    I'm excited about this app, good job and many thanks!
  24. Brett Horton
    Brett Horton
    Version: 4.3.2
    Just downloaded! As like most others review, I to was underwhelmed from the FFB from AC. This app especially in dynamic mode has totally transformed this game. I love the Games graphics, and mod-ability.... just always felt not connected to the car. this has changed it all!!!
    My CSW has just gotten way better!
  25. SlowBloke
    Version: 4.3.2
    Had to login to give feedback. Dynamic mode completely transformed AC for me thank you so much ! Always felt FFB / road feedback was either too weak out of downforce corners and too heavy in them - this gives me really nice feel in all areas. Absolute must have mod imo.
  26. maxipolo
    Version: 4.3.2
    top app
  27. belevezero
    Version: 4.3.1
    This is fantastic. Essential for all FFB wheel users. Thank you!
  28. Scyrion
    Version: 4.3.1
    Tried it and became an instant Must-have for me. Many Thanks for making it. :)
  29. Peter Koslowski
    Peter Koslowski
    Version: 4.3.1
    It helps so much! THX for this good work!
  30. rubencer
    Version: 4.3
    Essential App, Thanks for improving it!!!