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Turn your Assetto Corsa race into an EPIC race

  1. Marocco2 submitted a new resource:

    EPIC Race - Turn your Assetto Corsa race into an EPIC race

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  2. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    @Aidan Keranen Make a FFG styled soundpack please :D 'Massive shame'
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  3. Need Overwatch soundpack XD
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  4. love it ! :D maybe i will custom it ;)
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  5. How do I create a SoundPack?
    • First, make sure your songs are MP3 files
    • Name your songs as it is written below:
      • before_race if you want play it before the race starts
      • epic if you overtake 2 cars in 30 seconds or overtake the leader
      • surprise if you overtake 2 cars in 30 seconds or overtake the leader when suspense was playing
      • suspense if there are 2 laps remaining or 2 minutes left
      • win if you win the race
      • lose if you lose the race
      • w_with_sweat if you win the race and you made more than 5 overtakes
    • Create a folder in /SoundPacks and put your songs in it
    • Join a session and select your pack in the first slider
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  6. This is great thanks! :) For me music isnt what i think of, but to have a realistic pit crew recordings telling you "you are doing a great job, keep it up!" when passing 2 cars within 30 seconds, cheering over the radio when wining. Telling you "oh well, back to practise" when you loose and finally "keep going its your final lap".

    If anyone know of recordings like this i would be mighty happy getting my hands on them. Im gonna try look around. With a set of realistic recordings it can make races feel pretty damn cool. :)
  7. I think it is possible right now except for overtaking (if you are 1st it keeps loop epic song). By the way you can try to create a SoundPack with pit crew voices and let me know; I'm going to edit my app for this situation :D
  8. Ah ok. Could you maybe make a version that will be good for adding recorded voices? I know that would be very popular. :) I mean to just fix the lead music loop thing so that others can add voices. Thanks again for making this.
  9. I will make it if someone creates that soundpack. So spread the word :)
  10. Coolio. Cheers. :)
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  11. im not sure why but i cant get this app to show up on the list of apps on the side menu. Ive enabled it in the launcher so im not sure what is going on.

    Real shame because i really wanted to utilize this.
  12. Send me logs please. In the app list the icon is the same as this resource.
  13. no its not readonly :(