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EPIC Race 1.0 BETA2.2

Turn your Assetto Corsa race into an EPIC race

  1. Marocco2
    made with BOX framework

    Have you ever wish to play a soundtrack if you have overtaken the leader of the race?


    Just download and enable this app. It plays music when:
    • you overtake the leader
    • you win
    • you lose
    • you overtake 2 cars in 30 seconds
    • it's your final lap
    Plus, you can personalize your SoundPack! Create a new subdirectory in SoundPacks and put your favorite songs!

    How do I create a SoundPack?
    • First, make sure your songs are MP3 files
    • Name your songs as it is written below:
      • before_race if you want play it before the race starts
      • epic if you overtake 2 cars in 30 seconds or overtake the leader
      • surprise if you overtake 2 cars in 30 seconds or overtake the leader when suspense was playing
      • suspense if there are 2 laps remaining or 2 minutes left
      • win if you win the race
      • lose if you lose the race
      • w_with_sweat if you win the race and you made more than 5 overtakes
    • Create a folder in /SoundPacks and put your songs in it
    • Join a session and select your pack in the first slider

    If you like this app and you want support the creator, please donate me via [​IMG] or [​IMG]