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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Bram Hengeveld, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    RaceDepartment Founder Staff Premium

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  2. Andrew Macpherson

    Andrew Macpherson

    I gave it a 7 due to the launch bugs but if they fix the major bugs it will be a solid 8.
  3. frashed


    It's no GTR Evo but I'm absolutely enjoying it.

    As Andrew said, few bug fixes and it'll be a solid 9 for me. 25 second pit stops are bloody horrible!
  4. Dustin Barton

    Dustin Barton

    See, this is my problem with polls. The people who vote less than a 5 are the ones that clearly don't know what they are doing. This game is a good game, maybe not great, but definitely good. I would give a Barbie game a 1, but F1 2010, a 1, seriously?
  5. scca1981


    I gave it an 8 but i'll break down some things here for a little review.

    Now first off i'm not an F1 fan. I don't follow it and rarely catch it on speed channel when its on. But I am a gamer and an avid racing fan so I wanted to give it a shot anyhow. I'm pretty glad I did and feel I definitely got my $40(steam) worth. I did not buy into any of the hype over this game. I expected nothing so of course i'm not disappointed at all. The last game I bought into the hype was Shift and the original release of that imo was very poor and only thanks to modding has it become a decent title. I should also note I wasn't looking for or expecting a full on simulation.

    Graphics: 9/10
    If you have the hardware this game is quite beautiful. I've seen some comments on bloom/hdr but in my opinion I think its just about right. Did anyone play Grid/Dirt 1? That was overdone. I've also seen comments on a yellow tint but I don't see it. Anyhow the tracks are all very well done and the cars themselves are all in good detail. I'd actually give it a 9.5 but the low resolution sky and wet road textures leave some to be desired. Performance wise the game is running good for me but i've seen conflicting reports. There is a bug or two for sure as its only using 70% of my GTX 260 and nowhere near maxing my Quad Core CPU. Regardless its playable for me so whether they patch it or not isn't a huge big deal.

    Sounds: 7/10
    Overall the sounds are pretty good on my surround sound system. Slightly lower score here because I feel the engine sounds could be improved.

    Physics/Controls: 7/10
    As mentioned above I wasn't looking for a full on simulation with this title. However, I do feel the physics are actually decent. I won't call it a full on sim, but we'll go half way and call it an "arcsim". The cars are somewhat easy to drive but you can still spin them out and lock the brakes up etc. when your really pushing it. I found low speed grip especially high compared to other F1 games/mods where you will spin out if you smash the gas. This is of course all arguable because everyone has their own thoughts on whats real or not. Most important to me was if it was fun with realistic elements and that I believe it is. I ran through both my G25 and my analog gamepad and both work well. You will need to play with your settings depending on your wheel to get it where you want. There may be a slight input lag but you will get used to it.

    Few more notes... I have a gripe with the penalty system. I don't like having 10 seconds added to my time because someone else hits me. Also the cut track/off track warnings/penalty system is too sensitive. The AI in the game is alright but watch out when you get to any chicanes as it may get messy. Pit stops could also be a little better.

    Overall this is a solid title and it should keep me occupied for a bit while waiting for rfactor 2.
  6. Rok Prosen

    Rok Prosen

    Gave it 4.
    All is great but driving... horific!

    Call it "arcsim"?!? Dirt 2 is arcsim... F1 2010 is far away from half sim game...
  7. Kevin Watts

    Kevin Watts

    I think it's ridiculous to give this game a 1/10 score, perhaps I like it more because I bought it on a whim, not expecting it to be so good. I'm pleasantly surprised by the game and not since Geoff Crammonds original Grand Prix sim on the PC/Amiga have I been so keen to jump back into an F1 game for just one more lap. The physics are really quite good and graphically it's right up there with games like GT5.
  8. Nick Deeley

    Nick Deeley

    At this moment in time...I'd give it about -4, I (along with the rest of the UK), cant play on it.
  9. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Premium

    I'm feeling like a F1 driver which i could never felt in another game so i give 9 :).

    Just some bugs but i think there will patches coming.
  10. Neil Farren

    Neil Farren

    This is a very good point Omer. Yes the handling model is not exactly the most advanced, not as bad as some are making out though, but the atmosphere that surrounds the game and the whole experience of feeling like an F1 driver really is something special.
  11. raktim79


    I played this game for about 2 hours and my initial impressions are:
    Graphics: Pretty Good but can be improved. Once they release the DX 11 version patch the graphics will be top notch.
    Sound: Good enough. It can be improved though mainly the in car sounds when driving around. I can’t put a finger on it but I feel there is something lacking.
    Ai: Very good when I am trying to pass them but otherwise they are not a challenge even in legend mode.
    Environment: Excellent. You really feel the atmosphere of a formula 1 weekend. The career mode is good but it can be improved upon immensely.
    Physics: Not good enough. When I saw videos of people driving it and the comments from those people I thought it was going to be a challenge but when I drove it I was quite disappointed because the physics feel more like an arcade game to me. I wasn't expecting rFactor physics or iRacing physics but honestly they should have made it a little bit better. Compared to rFactor which if I give 10 to physics F1 2010 would get about 6. As an example I would like to mention that I drove the Mercedes (my first few laps after getting the game) in the wet in monza, the AI was set to legend; I was still able to get pole position by over 1 second even though I was clearly making mistakes in taking the two lesmos and I was about only 10th in the second sector but I was so quick compared to the AI in the first and last sectors I took pole.
    Overall: A good try by codemasters to bring a F1 game for the PC and I would give it about 7 out of 10. It is a very good game for people who are trying to get into sim racing; the learning curve is much easier compared to rFactor and iRacing.
    Codemasters have the license for another 2 years hopefully they can improve the game even more especially the career, interaction with the reporters and definitely the physics.
  12. senna_wang


    all great in this game except the driving experience with GTFP

    the max steering angle is just 90 , its definitely unreal

    now i play the game with keyboard (abs ,TC full)

    i give 7
  13. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    It's a good game. I gave it a 7.0 out of the box...but an 8.5 after tweaking the settings. Initially the cars were un-driveable...they felt too "GRID-like". The steering wandered all over the place and the brakes were just overly sensitive. There just didn't seem to be anything between full on and off brake. After an hour of straight-line test at the Kemmel Straight and a few cornering test at Bahrain, I was able to get a nice compromise setup for my G25. The big track compromise I had to make was running the brake deadzone out to 40 and Saturation to 75, so as to remove the GRID-like stopping. This means that you have to be more precise in pointing the car through turns. The cars are now fun to drive on the limit...especially at my favorite track...SPA. I've always hated Codemaster's menus...this one is no different. They seem to purposely "scatter" the sub-menus all over the place. I always end up having a bit of a challenge just to find them in the various games. This darting around using arrow key to find stuff, is for the birds. Having said that, the game has lots of potential. I think it was well worth the price of admission.
  14. James Yates

    James Yates

    I'd give it a 7.

    Went into this expecting the worst and I was pleasantly surprised.

    The presentation and menus are all just stunning - Codemasters have been getting better and better at this and its just amazing here. DiRT 2 was good, this is just in another league.

    Graphics are stunning too, Singapore at night just looks real and the weather effects are really nice too. Rain droplets landing and runnign down the car, the camera having droplets on it, spray, its all there. Spa in the wet was just quality - puddles everywhere reflecting things properly, great job Codies. The animations are also great, watching the team push either your car or someone else's into the pits and jack it up is just epic. Pit crew looks great too, along with the paddock and the pit garage stuff. Only issues I have are the brake glow and backfires. The brake glow looks like its out of a bad rFactor mod and the backfires just look like a blue cloud - usually timed wrong too. Small niggles though in an overall great package.

    Sounds are up to the usual standard too, DiRT 2 had a VERY impressive sound engine and this is just as good. I cant really explain it well, you just have to listen to it. Only issue I have is that the outside sounds aren't that close to the real thing, but its alright.

    The tracks are alright, there are some glaringly obvious issues with some tracks where the layout is just plain wrong or the inclines are wrong but they are pretty good. Some are better than others and Korea has some issues - mainly because it isn't finished, or at least wasn't when they made the game.

    To go into more depth, Silverstone on the whole isn't great, after going there a few weeks ago for the LeMans Series you can easily see where Codemasters have got it wrong. Also the corners that haven't changed from the old layout which are present in the iRacing version are completely different. Spa also has some problems - I haven't been there since 2005 so I cant comment on the new bus stop/front straight but the other bits that are the same aren't that great either. Also looking at Häkkinen's onboard DTM lap from 2005 shows the tracks issues. Korea wasn't finished so they had to work from plans I'd assume. I hope that explains the inconsistent runoff areas and lack of exit curbing. Some areas are tarmac runoff and others are just a bit of grass then a wall - I doubt it would pass the FIA inspection if the runoff at the end of a 170MPH+ straight was just a bit of grass. The curbs are also very high on the inside of corners but more about that later. I haven't been to quite a few of the tracks and from watching on TV they look pretty good. Abu Dhabi looks quite nice when I compare it to onboard footage from the FIA GT race. The others vary between good and distinctly average. However they haven't done a bad job for not laser scanning - its not up there with some of Simbin's efforts, nor some rFactor modders, but its not bad.

    However this next bit will make people angry :p

    The game falls completely flat on its backside when you actually drive the cars for a while. The physics are not even believably realistic. I wasn't expecting a sim after watching some preview videos but I wasn't expecting central pivot physics either. It seems as if the physics engine was not designed in any way for these cars and has 2 minds of what it wants to do. Sometimes it'll act in a reasonably believable manner - the car will ride bumps properly and will lock the inside front into a corner realistically. It'll also go over curbs like the real F1 cars do. The rest of the time it spins up the inside wheel through corners, randomly spins and just handles nothing like a car should. Also braking to correct every slide is just completely stupid. You can go way past 90 degrees sideways and just brake and it'll sort itself out, if you use a touch of opposite lock it'll either have no effect or it'll make the car go sideways in the other direction by the same amount, all pivoting around the centre of the car. Curbs usually turn the car 90 degrees sideways until you brake to correct it. I actually managed to opposite lock it so I held the slide but it just kept going like I was in a 70's police chase until I braked. Interestingly this usually occurs when you use a curb properly, if you launch the car over it, maybe getting some air, it'll be fine on the other side of the corner, even at full throttle in 1st or 2nd gear. This became a huge issue at Barcelona where the AI was able to drive over some curbs in the last chicane but whatever I did to my driving style or the car ended with me going sideways. I also tried the 'tyre simulation' option, this basically acted like a grip switch - which was now very much in the off position. Even with brand new tyres in Q1 which were at the perfect temperature I could only manage a 1:41 at Malaysia. Turned that option off and ended up running a low 1:35 which was right on the pace of the AI. They also made a huge deal about the wet tyres overheating but 5 laps of total abuse in the dry on a hot day didn't even get them near overheating - they should have been destroyed with the way I treated them. The FFB is terrible too, its basically just a centring spring and the wheel support as a whole seemed like an afterthought - so I used my Xbox controller instead.

    With that all said, the physics aren't that bad some of the time, I just wish Codemasters had spent a little more time on them. Didn't need to be a sim but something like Race 07 with a bit more grip and decent FFB would have appealed to arcade racers, would have been drivable on the keyboard (for those who wanted) and would have kept people like myself happy.

    There are a few other issues I had, such as the AI only being quick around Barcelona, Monaco and Valencia. Barcelona is being they cut the chicane and a few other corners without the curbs upsetting the car and the other two are because whatever you do they can accelerate out of the corners faster. Monaco seemed to have some interesting wall collisions too, a tiny brush either did noting or caused the car to bounce off with such a force it would have destroyed the car, but I escaped with no damage. Also on a couple of corners you can hit the wall without hitting it - I checked the replay many times and I wasn't in contact with the wall at any point, yet my front wheels and wing exploded off the car. The AI is dimwitted, they'll often block and drive straight out of the pits onto the racing line just as you approach on a qualy lap so you have a humongous accident. They are slow in the wet too, where I was occasionally struggling to beat them in qualy, a wet session saw my Lotus seconds and seconds ahead of them. I had to turn the penalties/rules onto reduced too as I was sick of holding my line and having them hit me, giving me a penalty - that and the horrifically inconsistent cutting rules which penalise you for running wide and losing time, or outbraking yourself into a chicane and cutting it by accident and don't care when I found a way to take a series of corners which gained me around a second or two a lap. Either remove them or have it ask you to give up the gained time - if you didn't gain any it ignores it. The interviews became repetitive, but because they were short they weren't of any annoyance, even when my mate pointed out the plug sockets were always the UK standards whatever country we were racing in... :rolleyes:

    Overall its had a lot of strengths, but a lot of weaknesses too. If I rate it against sims it does incredibly badly and a lot of people tried to call it a sim, including Codemasters. However if I look past that its a great arcade racer, although I'd really like them to sort some things:

    1. Give us some differential settings, the constant inside wheelspin is just ridiculous as 95% of the time it does it, then next time it doesn't and you get massive oversteer.

    2. Sort the cars out over curbs, some are fine, lots just instantly spin the car. Some runoff does this too which is just stupid.

    3. Remove the superslowdowntarmacofdoom that's in quite a few runoff areas - worst is Abu Dhabi, up the back straight if you put a tiny bit of the tyre on or past the white line the car slows down by a lot.

    4. Speed the AI cars up in the wet, not by much, but sometimes they are just TOO slow.

    5. Remove/change the cutting rules to the method I explained earlier.

    6. Stop the AI from cutting the track.

    7. Remove the stupid randomised punctures. I had 14 punctures in 19 races. I also had quite a few after a few corners in qualy. That just doesn't happen. Also make the tyre flex the right way and disintegrate when you do have one. I did 200MPH on a flat tyre with no issues.

    8. Stop the engine saying its overheating all the time. Usually happens in the wet because of the inside tyre wheelspin and the only way to stop it is to short shift which slows you down a load. I really doubt the engine will overheat a lot of a wet, cold, British day.

    9. Cockpit view, please allow us to turn off the vibration/camera shake and allow us to either move the view point or adjust the FOV as it currently makes me sick after about 5 seconds.

    10. Just a suggestion, but for career mode an option to randomise the schedule for the seasons after the first would really be a nice touch. Driving 19 tracks in the same order season after season is going to get dull.

    Not bad by Codemasters, not quite as much fun as DiRT 2 was but the attention to detail and weather effects go some way to make up for that. Few changes and they'll have a top end arcade racer.
  15. MTheManB


    If they fix the bugs.. maybe a 8 (I think 10 is the Ferrari Academy)

    Now.. its a 6
  16. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith
    Always running at 107%

    I think I came into it slightly differently to some and give it a 9 purely because Im having a great time.

    The reason why I rate it so highly was because I expected something Dirt-esque in character, control and style and it delivers exactly that.

    There are a few annoyances though with my ps3 version. In career mode, sometimes cars dont do mandatory pitstops and their teammate appears to do 2. This leads to having Chandhock and Kovalinen in the points! Also, I believe AI rubber banding is in place too. Currently I think Legend mode for me is a challenge as Im not really a fast driver but I would be doing a lot better if it weren't for those bugs and having far too many punctures. Hopefully those can be sorted out in a later patch along with occasional flickering on the track in the wet but right now, Im a satisfied happy bunny.
  17. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    RaceDepartment Founder Staff Premium

    Will the backmarker brigade join for some online pc racing as well Simon :) ?
  18. Stuart Whitehead

    Stuart Whitehead

    At the moment it's a 6.5/10 (PC version)

    It's fun, and I'm enjoying it (and I hate Codemasters arcade driving games normally) but there are so many bugs and little annoyances that there's no way i can rate it higher. The more I drive it, the more I notice the bugs. It's got to the point where I cant really be bothered with continuing my career until it's patched.

    Properly patched up it certainly has the potential to be an 8.5/10

    Good first attempt at an F1 game from Codies, but unfortunately feels like a beta. You'd think with all their money they could have employed some people to do testing. It's obvious it was rushed out for this release date before it was completed. Should have given it another couple of months and some proper testing before releasing it.
  19. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith
    Always running at 107%

    I shall see what my finances are like Bram! Im a bit broke at the mo, but if I can get the PC one as well, I challenge you all to a lap me first battle :D
  20. PoleGrabber


    A small 9 from me.


    Good graphics, best looking F1 game
    First F1 game with a driver career over several seasons
    Easy to drive
    Good AI, fights fairly, know that you are there
    Good looking and correct tracks
    Best looking pit-stop crew at work
    Incredible good weather effects, best looking wet weather conditions ever
    Not overly complicated setup,- you spend your time on the track, not in the garage
    Can relax penalties, or switch off (see under con)
    Can turn tire sim off (see under con)


    Cockpit view to low to be used, - have to switch to T-cam view while driving
    Manual pitstops not working
    Stewards are penalty-nazi's, - crawling back to the pits with damage off the race-line: Penalty for blocking!
    Too many unprovoked punctures (not hitting any curbs, debris, cars or gravel)
    Replay only follow your own car,- too few camera angles, instant replay too short, no spray from other cars in replay
    Apparently the qualifying is pre-ordained, not dynamic, so no huge surprises on the racing-grid. This makes the whole session an empty show, just for you.
    Outside sound is weak, engine sounds like angry bees.

    If you have ever heard a real F1 gear-shift during racing, you will know it sounds like you drop a huge metal-case full of rocks onto a stone-floor,- it sounds like they break the gear-box with every shift! Incredible violent and noisy.
    None of that here,- a real shame.

    Most things could be fixed by patches or modding, except the fake qualifying, and then we would have a very good game. Maybe in 2011...

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