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What mod would be the best to race on rFactor?

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Paul Godden

Jun 26, 2008
For all those that are a part of the rFactor Racing Club, and also to those who are going to join (or have an opinion about the mods):

Which mod, which has been raced here recently at Race Department, is your favourite to take part in? You get one choice and one only - so think carefully before you answer! :wink2:

Ryan Callan

Sep 30, 2008
Err, where are the Clios on there?! I know there will be at least two votes for that.

Single seaters are a no-go for me - not fun at all on a pad.

Lupos, PCC and Clios are brilliant. Trucks and karting are also good.

Sam Moss

Apr 8, 2008
The problem is you've only listed the mods previously run here.. What you need is like GTR Evo has, a set amount of cars, some touring, some gt and the odd open wheeler and go for just a set few in each list.

For touring cars my personal choice would be
Skoda Octavia Cup

For GT Cars
Panoz GT2
BMW M1 Pro-Car
PCC 07

Open Wheelers
Formula BMW
Japan F3
Cart 95

The majority like something that will give them close racing and a battle, nobody likes going round at 200mph in an F1 car like a loner.. Even use fixed setups, even if its only the gears and suspension settings to save people time of practice to get a half decent setup.

Paul Godden

Jun 26, 2008
I was thinking of doing other polls soon - perhaps getting an idea for what types of races to host (easy/medium/hard mods etc.)

The thing is, if there is a mod everyone really likes that has been raced recently, it would show up in the poll.. Either way I think it's all useful - information is power after all! :D

Steve Clowes

Feb 23, 2008
I do love the PCC2007 mod, its been my favourite since Easter (since I had a gaming pc spec capable of running it full detail). The new edition of the Holiday Preview Mod v2 is fun too. However, my favourite for the late few weeks is the...

Italian and European Challenge by Apex ;)

Ben Tusting

Mar 5, 2008
For my favourite mods we have raced so far would be the Porsche, Megane, Karting, ALMS and Jap f3.

But I would like to race something new/haven't used on RD yet like Champ cars, Indy cars, Rallying, Hillclimb,Formula Nippon 2007,F1 1988,F1 2006 CTDP.

I like Sam's idea of having fixed setups, in my eyes this would make for closer racing.

Steve Parker

Skoda Octavia Cup for me is best for good racing,but its not on list :disapointed:plus BMW M1 Pro-Car is good:highfive:

Nigel Atkins

Jan 3, 2007
with only 1 vote to use i had to vote for dont mind :)

put of the mods we have already used:-

i think the Trucks would be more fun if we had shorter races and heats. simular to IRL.

heres just a rough idea.

Practice 30 to 60 mins.
Heat 1 qualify race 15mins - grid chousen at random.
Heat 2 sprint race 20mins - grid formend from quali race finnishing possitions.
Heat 3 feature race 30/40mins - reversed grid from sprint race.

i would also love to see the Karts return, theres still lots of tracks and Kart variations plus theres the wet races and maybe even try a simular race setup to the trucks.

Lupos are great fun on short tracks (and in the day light ;)), not tried the Clios yet but i bet there just as much fun.

Soapbox racers would be more fun if you didnt loose a wheel or 3 every time you touched a hay bale, maybe running with damadge off?

i think rFactor is a great game with so much more potental, so lets see if we cant put the Xfactor back into rFactor :dance2::clap:

and if the rFactor race admin need a hand with testing mods/tracks/uploading to RD or what ever you now where i`am :good:

Ryan Callan

Sep 30, 2008
Yes, I forgot to mention the Octavias - there are great fun and create very close racing. Nigel - the Clios are even better than the Lupos :wink:

Theo de Bruin

Nov 24, 2007
From the mods mentioned I like the PCC mod the most. I think that one is also the most accesible (sp?).
I also like the Historix mod a lot but the problem with that one is that not everybody has GT Legends so not all rFactor people can race that mod.

We actually did use the F188 mod and one of the Indycar mods a while ago but there was very little interest for them. I would really like to have a nice big grid of racers on one of the ovals once...
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