Your Dream Racing Game?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rory334, May 13, 2013.

  1. Rory334


    If you could make your own racing game, what would would it feature, what cars and tracks would it have and what would it be called.
  2. Lee Knight

    Lee Knight

    GE Racer...
    Google Earth has a low-grade flight mode built in so why not land-based vehicles?:D
    Either low-res general driving anywhere the street-camera truck has been or wait a few moments after telling it which roads in particular & start/finish location/s point is & then cut laps around a better quality rendering by the street-view truck...
    I wouldn't really care about the cars too much, I just want to drive all those cool roads I see in pic's & clips from around the world... ;):thumbsup:
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  3. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Lee Knight,

    Oh man that would be awesome! I'd even drive a Citroen 2CV!. wait..... that might be just a tad too slow :roflmao:

    I already have a route thought out around the city and Lower mainland in which i live at :D :thumbsup:
  4. Lee Knight

    Lee Knight

    GE's aircraft options are either a Cessna or an F-16 from memory...
    An old Landrover & a Lambo (Countach of coarse! lol)would be all I'd need for a Driver/Racer mode... :p
  5. Ryan Vickery

    Ryan Vickery

    I have no idea what I would call it. But i'd like.

    1. Quality realistic physics - So I can drive it like a real car, working clutch etc. Plenty of games/sims already bring this, just not the ones who provide similar gameplay experiences (like Forza Horizon/Test Drive Unlimited)
    2. Good presentation - Graphics/Sounds etc, not asking for miracles but just quality, plenty of games doing this already too.
    3. Free to roam world to drive around in, taking it to the extreme I could use Lee Knights idea, plot a trip to the Nurburgring from my house and drive there, then take a lap around the track.
    4. A home garage feature, similar to Test Drive Unlimited 2, only this garage is a real greese monkeys garage, I can modify and tune my car just like in the real world, I want to put a 2.2L VTEC into a Civic. Some games already bring this to some degree, though it could be done with more detail, accuracy and freedom.
    5. Test Drive Unlimited 2 brought social features and the ability to drive free roaming with friends and view their car collections at their home garage, this was cool though it was an idea that really wasn't taken far enough, being able to have a meetup of 30 guys at their ingame house in a real scale sized world so that you can take a road trip together would be amazing.
    6. Ultimately it would need a quality and large list of available cars/vehicles and tracks and the ability for the game to also be a traditonal track racing game with a possible ladder to climb in a racing career.

    The game would be far too complex and large to realistically exist within the next few years but that is what I would like in a game. Essencially it's something that for the most part I already have in the real world. Problem with the real world is the price on supercars, insurance, tax, fuel and maintainence costs, not to mention speed limits and the law in general. If all these things were free and without issue then we would all be driving Ferrari's around europe at 100mph, rather than playing games.
  6. stevem


    R3E with ACR's paint shop and F1 2012's AI, weather, and race modes.
  7. RaceNut


    The game would be called "Ultimate Sim Racing" and it would be the result of a collaborative effort featuring: Graphics by SMS, Physics & UI by Kunos, Sound by SimBin, AI by ISI, Online functionality by iRacing, Tracks and Cars by the best modelers from each team. Unlimited cars and tracks availability over time - purchased alone, by a race series or mega-bundles. Race series would be modular add-ons in nature with their own unique features. There would be multiple modes from beginner to ridiculously realistic (think Eagle Dynamics Flight Sims). The game engine would be modular and upgradable in the future eliminating the need to develop new engines from scratch. The Ultimate Race Sim. The new "Manhattan Project"

    I know, it's not asking for much but, why make it complicated? :)
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  8. Bakkster


    Pretty much fully agree. Personally, I'd just take the iRacing team and put them fully on scanning duty, and pass the artwork off to feels3 and others to increase the pace. Probably need 10+ tracks per year to catch up to where we would want to be, aka every track in the world.

    Same with cars, would love to see a sim so important that no manufacturer would dare not to make their entire design information available for modeling. I would love to see what some of these modders could come up with if they got the entire dataset for the cars and not have to guess on anything.

    And personally, I would add a financial and R&D sim behind the scenes as well for those series where it makes sense. It would be incredible to try and make enough money to develop that new aerodynamic element for the next race, reduce the weight of your engine to improve your weight distribution, or decide whether to invest your money into a 7-post shaker table and get better shock setups (tying in to the virtual crew chief function, of course). I'm imagining LMP1 where each driver/team picks one of half a dozen chassis and another half dozen engines, then tunes and develops throughout the course of a league season. Something like a cross between Forza/GT and the old NASCAR console game team manager modes, only on crack with the upgrades being kept within the series rules.
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  9. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Founder Staff Premium

    USR sounds like an epic game. Where can I pre-order it @RaceNut ?
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  10. Ian Strom

    Ian Strom

    Digital Combat Simulator + GT Legends. but instead of FIA TC&GTC, it would be SCCA Trans Am classes spanning 60s and 70s.

    A second module would be 50s, 60s and 70s Stock Car racing!
    Third can be 80s&90s IROC and Trans Am.

    A fourth module could be ice racing and autocross with a variety of small to full-size stock 60s/70s/80s american cars. :D Just imagine cars like the lincoln continental and dodge monaco ripping arse through some corners! :inlove:
    The autocross portion could have a career with upgrades like real life.

    No easy-mode assists; you learn to properly drive the car as it is in real life. No micro transactions. European/Japanese/etc cars via mod support.
    And of course you can mix whatever modules you have, like in Race 07.

    This is basically the opposite of what we have now. :p
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