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Exciting things are coming to a console and PC near you soon! Welcome to the Xenon Racer forum here at RaceDepartment!

Hi everyone!

My name is Marten, Community Manager at SOEDESCO, the publisher of Arcade Racing Game 'Xenon Racer' which is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam on March 26th (now available for pre-order). I'm here accompanied by Tommaso from 3DClouds, the developer of the game. We're very happy to be here on the Race Department forums and we'll be ready to answer your questions and give you all the info you need to know on Xenon Racer!

Watch the trailer:
Looking forward to chatting with you all!


Xenon Racer will be available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam this March 26th.

Check out the Xenon Racer forum here at RaceDepartment for the latest news, discussion and community engagement for this exciting new racing title.

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Kinda reminds me of Split Second Velocity I used to love that game,
Good luck with the project. :)


If you ever want to go faster

Redout: Enhanced Edition.
Yes I remember that, cool these types of games to blast about in,
always makes me laugh these Arcade games have better damage and sparks and scrapes and particle systems than the best simulators.
I'll be showing clips from most futuristic racers one day on my YouTube channel (when I've finished with F1 and started rally haha):

Xenon looks to be going head to head with (though slightly different angle) ZEROCAR Future Motorsport, also on Steam.

Rise: Race the Future is also worth a look, but that's more like futuristic Sega Rally.

I'm looking forward to Xenon though.


It's nice to have a break! Besides, things like Sega Rally are arcade, but feel realistic enough to be fun!

I agree, just funny after reading so many threads of people slagging off actual sims as being 'simcade' 'arcade', then suddenly RD gets a pay check from a dev and Arcades are cool....
I'm glad you liked it! Although, could you tell me what you mean by sluggish? What would improve it? We'd love to look into it :)
Thanks for the answer! Now I haven't played much (only a few hours), but when I was playing on a controller (Xbox 1 controller) I thought the car turning was a bit too slow to my liking - normal turning felt okay for the most part, but drift felt a bit underwhelming (hard to actually describe, but I just think drift didn't turn my car fast enough, if that makes some sense). It could be just me, though - with that handling I had a lot of problems in that Tokyo track, especially in the "Sector 1" with a few sharp right turns - I just couldn't turn my car fast enough without losing a lot of speed (or hitting a wall hard), tried both drifting and taking the turn normally - maybe I just needed to balance out the handling more...
There were a few other things I had in mind (one crash, some other observations and thoughts) which I already sent in the Feedback form.
Thanks for taking your time :)