Xbox Controller Setup Tips

Dec 30, 2014
Does anyone have any setups or setup tips for users of Xbox controllers? I know that is generally seen as heresy, but I am a merchant sailor and carrying a wheel around the world is not particularly practical. I have found many of the setups here have completely uncontrollable oversteer on a controller where fine steering and throttle modulation are basically impossible. I am afraid I have very little knowledge with regards to setting up the car and generally very little time to practice as I work 13 hours a day and get about 3 hours downtime, of which I'd prefer to be racing than setting up.

Right now I'm playing Formula Truck as the trucks handling and breaking characteristics are far friendlier on a controller, but I'd love to be able to play more GSCE, so far I've found I can only really control the Mini's. Clio's and Porsche Carrera Cup mods. The Stock cars are too flinchy and the single seaters basically impossible without a wheel.

I currently use low steering assistance and no stability control, steering assistance is the only aid I'm using... any other controller users have tips?


Jun 29, 2013
I think you'll need some assists in order to race smoothly. I tried with my controller some time ago just for those times I don't want to connect my wheel, and I gave up. It isn't very controller friendly.


Jan 15, 2010
I'm a long time pad user and i use no assists, only autoclutch. Important Settings (at least for me):

Speed sensitivity: around 45-50%
Axis sensitivity (direction and throtle/brake): 50%
Steering axis deadzone: around 4-5%

In controller.ini:

Steering Wheel Range: 240º-270º

In garage (for me the most important setting):

Steering lock: 9-10º so you use an 1:15 steer ratio (aprox), that it goes really well with most of the cars.

Been using this settings for ages and it goes really good for me.