Windows 7 64bit

Since the Windows 7 thread has been there any word on if compatibility has been fixed? I just downloaded the demo and it's not running. I have tried compatibility mode (XP SP3) and Admin permissions for the .exe and HID and still nothing. I got the HID key...we really like to get this to work so I can use this (and buy the full version after my trial).


Windows 7 64bit is working fine here. Only thing i needed to do was to install latest directx and to give HID Admin permission to get the HID key.
Yeah. Not working for me. I've given HID.exe permission AND put it in compatibility mode and the program still won't start.


From memory, my situation was, I got a new hard drive but couldn't run BTB cause my license wasn't due for renewal, following that I built a whole new system and got win7 64. I then installed the BTB demo and I couldn't get it to work even though I set it as xp sp3 compatibility and to run as admin. Being used to not being able to use BTB due to the license I didn't follow it up anymore. Then when my license came for renewal I generated a key, submitted it, put it in the folder and BTB ran and worked fine ever since.

I don't know if this will help you but I thought I'd share it with you anyway in the hope that it might enlighten you.
Yeah, nothing seems to be working. I have the HID generate it's file, I give permission to every .exe I can in the folder...and still nothing. I can't buy this if it doesn't even start up for me :(


You say you had the HID generate it's file, do you mean it successfully generated a file? if so, that's the file you need to submit to get a license.
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