Williams Reveal 2019 Race Car Renders

Williams FW42 3.jpg

The newly named ROKiT Williams Racing team have shown off their new car recently - revealing renders of the new machine ahead of Monday's track debut.

Initially revealing a striking new colour scheme adoring the 2018 FW41, then subsequently cancelling the planned shakedown of the new car ahead of taking to the Barcelona circuit on Monday morning, Williams have now done the next best thing - joining the increasingly popular trend of revealing some render images of the new car.

Due to the way the Formula One regulations work nowadays, the car doesn't look significantly different to their 2018 car in all honesty, new front wing aside, but at least with these images someone thought to turn the lights on, so we can actually see the livery properly, and in my opinion it actually looks quite a bit better than those initial reveal images from last week.. which isn't that hard, considering my sincere lack of any kind of attraction to the new scheme...

Anyway, here it is... the ROKiT Williams Mercedes FW42...

Williams FW42 1.jpg
Williams FW42 12.jpg

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Sep 29, 2016
It's never going to be easy to follow Martini...but jesus..really?


Nov 1, 2016
Definitely better in the light, but still misses the mark.


Mar 2, 2010
Weird: the Williams looks a lot better with a white background, compared to the photos of the launch we saw earlier this week. I sort of like it now.
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Mar 4, 2016
Doesn't look that different from the 2018 car to be honest so we can probably expect it at the back of the grid again..
Aug 14, 2012
Doesn't look that different from the 2018 car to be honest so we can probably expect it at the back of the grid again..
Have to remember, this isnt even testing spec, heck not even a launch spec. Will probably have changed quite a lot come Melbourne, as will most cars.


Jun 26, 2011
Good choice! Save some money on the livery design and invest that in a faster car :confused:... I hope!:rolleyes:

What has happened to great teams like Williams and McLaren? They were amongst the fastest and nicest looking cars on the grid, but now look what has happened to them... in both areas.:(