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Nov 14, 2019
Could you put the F1 1000 logo on F2 cars?

The logo:

The mod you'll be downloading for the F1 1000 logo on F2 cars:
Do not forget to Use the Fantasy F1 1000 F2 liveries for the Formula 2 Nascar Championship with mixed engines (2'nd round, China only).

Formula 2 Nascar Championship Calendar:

#1: Brazil
#2: China
#3: Spain
#4: Azerbaijan
#5: Germany
#6: Italy
#7: France
#8: Canada
#9: Singapore
#10: Japan
#11: Australia
#12: Austin (Short Layout)
#13: Bahrain
#14: Mexico (THE FINALE)


1995 Ferrari V12: DAMS, Prema, Arden & Trident
2008 McLaren V8: ART Grand Prix
2002 Ferrari V10: Carlin & Charouz
1976 McLaren V6: Campos
1991 McLaren V12: MP Motorsport
2010 McLaren V8: Uni Virtuosi

@phoenix84621 Do not forget to give Megaslipstream for All of the F2 teams with the mixed up engines.

Also download the realistic sponsorboards from that page: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/authors/raynerps3235.255736/
Nov 14, 2019
@phoenix84621 Also for the 2'nd round of the Formula 2 Nascar Championship please put classic helmets on F2 drivers alongside with F1 1000 logos just like F1 drivers did.

Sean Gelael > James Hunt's helmet
Sergio Sette Camara > Ayrton Senna's helmet
Nikita Mazepin > Clay Regazzoni's helmet

Do not forget to put F1 1000 stickers on F2 drivers suits, cars and helmets. Even the visors will have F1 1000 stickers.