Where is the Standard CSR?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by James Myers, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. James Myers

    James Myers

    After I received my Standard Fanatec CSR Wheel for Christmas a friend of mine decided he would save up some money and get one. He ordered It several weeks ago and it never got past the "Processing" stage, so he canceled the order and tried to re-order it only to find that the Standard CSR Wheel is not listed in the product catalog any more. Does anyone know if this product has been canceled or are they just out of stock right now? I can't find any information on the site or the blog and my friend prefers not to spend $500 for the Elite.
  2. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    i was just looking at this. i read that the chinese new year affected production - factories closed and stock sold out. i also read that new buyers wouldn't get theirs until march. i can;'t understand how companies can not foresee these problems and surely they will lose out on hundreds of thousands of pounds?
  3. glight


    Fanatec had the same problems last year with the gt2 wheel. They were better prepared this year and were actually able to launch the CSR elite for Xmas delivery (gt2 didn't make it). However I think that there is way more demand for their products this year and that has caused supply to run out, as opposed to a lack preparation.

    For them to have avoided the Chinese new year shortage they would have had to have the first shipments in October or earlier. Since day 1 the CSR elite has only ever been on preorder and shipments were deliverd from china by plane and not boat. Due to this demand for the elite I am guessing that there was little to no production of any other products and so that is why stock ran out on the CSR wheel.

    (I am in no way associated with Fanatec just offering my thoughts on the matter)