Wheel Upgrade for a desk driver (?)

Nov 6, 2019
Hi everyone,
currently I am using a nearly 10 year old Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 along with Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals with load cell brake. The wheel still works flawless and in general I like it. However, I find the FFB of the Porsche wheel could be a bit stronger and I think it feels a bit numb near the center.
I am evaluating options for a new wheel. I thought about buying a Fanatec Club Sport Wheel V2.5. Since I don't have enough space for a sim racing rig I have to drive at my desk. I am wondering if the CSW is only suitable for rigs or whether it can be used sensibly at the desk. I also looked at the Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base and the higher priced Thrustmaster products. I don't know how much of an upgrade those products really are compared to what I have at the moment. I think direct drive is not an option combined with a desk.

So, what do you think? Are there any good options (and which) for me to upgrade my wheel?

Thanks in advance

1) I already own the Fanatec metal table clamp, since the original table clamp of the Porsche Wheel ist basically useless.
2) I do not care about console support.


Jun 6, 2009
It's going to be an expense because I don't believe you can take that old Porsche wheel rim with you to a new Fanatec. Which means spending for a new wheel rim, too.

Skipping the expense, you can certainly use a CSW v2.5 with a table clamp, but probably not at full strength. I can't even think of anyone that has used the table clamp.
Nov 6, 2019
Thanks for your reply.

I am aware that I need to buy a rim together with the CSW base.

I have this table clamp.

In the product description (at least in german) it says it can be used with:
  • all Porsche Wheels
  • all CSR and CSR Elite Wheels
  • all Club Sport Wheel Bases
  • CSL Elite Wheel Base (without adjustable angle plate)


Oct 5, 2009
Here's my version of a table-clamp to hold a 20nm DD-wheel. :p :)

Of course, the desk is very solid and mounted to the wall-studs. Point is, there are many ways to mount a wheel. Some people told me this would never work but, it works great. A dedicated race-rig would be better but, given my space limitations, it works for me. Below the wheel is a photo of an office-chair on steroids (tactile transducers) that would knock your glasses off (assuming you wear some). :D


ADX 002s.jpg


Dec 27, 2019
I just upgraded from a CSR to CSL with the basic Xbox 1 $169 wheel and can tell you that the difference of wheels is significant, but not mind blowing. Definitely more FFB though. The biggest difference you'll find is that the new CSL elite is significantly bigger. The desk clamp is solid. I used just that for a few weeks before switching to bolt mounts and it moved very little when torqued down, although the amount of torque it took was a bit scary. Kept expecting it to break. The actual design of the clamp is a bit questionable. When affixed the shaft of the of the bolt handle extends down a couple of inches which feels unnecessary.

The shifter though.. that's a different matter entirely. Their new H shifter is friggin fabulous. I've had to take it apart and grease it after a months use but if that's the worst of it no big deal. Also the ebrake is friggin fantastic. I had done the ebrake mod on my CSR wheel (soldering to the back of buttons on the board) so couldn't go back. If these are peripherals you are interested in then the Fanatec stuff compares favorably to Thrustmaster in the end.

The only issue with Fanatec is their support. I've had a really bad experience with it this time around. Long story short, pay very close attention to how the wheel attaches to the base and although they don't tell you to, I advise using threadlocker on the bolt. Even if you do it correctly, there is a firmware / software / settings combo that trashed TWO wheels from the force of the resulting oscillation that the wheel went into. Gives you an idea of how strong the FFB is. Update firmware before using the wheel for sure as I believe my issues were in part due to the firmware that it shipped with.