What does "Xbox One Ready" mean for Fanatec Products


Feb 3, 2020
I'm looking to get one of the Fanatec products to start out, in particular the CSL Elite F1 bundle, but I noticed that for the compatibility it says "Xbox One Ready" compared to just "PC" and "PS4" (pictured below).

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 5.24.06 PM.png

I'm confused because another bundle for example only says "Xbox One" for compatibility.

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 5.25.52 PM.png

What does "Ready" mean in this context? My plan is to start sim racing on my xbox one until I buy a PC, so I want to make sure it works on both.



Jan 6, 2020
The "Ready" basically means it is not officially licensed but that it should work although compatibility is probably not guaranteed, I'm not entirely sure but I think it might also mean that some product only works in specific combination with their other products. Each product page has a section named Compatibility, read the notes under Platforms in that section for detailed description for each product.

Just a simple guess but Sony probably won't allow the products licensed for PS4 to also be officially supported on other platforms.
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Feb 4, 2020
I’m in the same boat as you.. on Xbox for now until I build myself a PC.

Fanatec uses their wheel bases for compatibility with PlayStation and PC. The actual wheel rim itself is the part that is compatible on Xbox. The specific bundle your interested in will NOT work on Xbox as the wheel isn’t an Xbox compatible wheel. If your looking for a wheel set up for Xbox don’t buy their bundles. Just buy the wheel base that you want, the wheel that you want (that is Xbox compatible), and the pedals that you want... by the way I highly suggest the csl pedals plus the load cell brake pedal...
My setup is csl Xbox wheel base (which isn’t on their website anymore), csl P1 wheel rim, csl pedals with load cell brake.
Right now the only Formula style wheel they have compatible with Xbox is the V2...
So buy the csl wheel base (or whatever base you want as all of them will work on Xbox as long as you have an Xbox wheel). The wheel options right now are the Formula V2 (the red one with a ton of buttons), any of the “club sport” rims as the club sport hub is Xbox compatible, or the P1 elite ( I have the P1 non elite).
Also be aware that for now while your on Xbox you won’t have complete freedom of your button mapping while on Xbox (mostly regarding the formula V2 with all those nice fancy buttons). On Xbox your limited to what a normal controller has for buttons including the pedal set... I’m having a hard time explaining this but you’ll only have the direction pad and the X Y A B to really play around with. If you really will be switching to PC soon don’t put to much weight on that anyways.
You’ll also need a Windows PC to update the drivers before you can ever use it (I had to borrow my dads).
Hope this all helps!!
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