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Who will win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix?

  • Max Verstappen

    Votes: 842 49.5%
  • Lewis Hamilton

    Votes: 740 43.5%
  • Other Driver

    Votes: 120 7.1%

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VWSR S3: Virtual World Series by Renault (Clio)

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Have I read the news post wrong or is the series not going forward to the next Renault car in line (FR 3.5) ?
I hope I understood that post wrong as I was really looking forward to it :(
So long as we have the tracks and cars given with plenty of time to practice with a decent time in between the next event im in no matter which car it is :thumbsup:
Renaults are nice.
Hopefully one day we could also have Howston or Mak-Corp F3 league.

We will start our leagues with the cars which are part of the Renault World Series, this year the Clio's and F3.5. :)

Other types of leagues will come in time, but can't say what cars or when that will be. ;)
Your wish is noted, but we will first make this a great season in the V-WSR.:thumbsup:

League: Virtual World Series by Renault
Season: 3 (2013/2014)
Sim Required: rFactor 2
Cars: Renault Clio
Grid size: 30 drivers with a reserve list / 2 x 22 in case of an overflow of interest

Welcome to the third iteration of the Virtual World Series by Renault hosted by Racedepartment. After the success of our first two WSR seasons, we are continuing the touring car series with the Clio. The small, but powerful cars promise close racing, and offer drivers new/old, fun and accessibility for the championship. This season will consist of 5 rounds.

Available cars
Drivers in this series will be driving the Renault Clio cars from ISI's default content. All setup options will remain available during Practice, Parc Ferme rules apply in Qualifying and Race sessions.

Symmons Plains

Driver Aids:
Auto Clutch: On/Off
ABS: Off/Low

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Sign up:
Interested teams/drivers, who hold a licensed membership can apply for one of the 30 places in the league. Drivers not on the immediate list will be placed on the reserves list. Every licensed member and owner of ISI's rFactor2 is welcome to join the championship. Details about how to sign up will be in sign up thread.
All regular Racedepartment league rules apply. Make sure to have read them before signing up by clicking here.

There will be a drivers championship as well as a teams championship. Teams may enter a maximum of 1 team only, with a maximum of 3 drivers. Drivers may sign up as independents if they wish. Independent drivers may switch to a team during the season, the points which they have scored before joining the team however will not be carried over to the team. Drivers already in a team may not switch to a new team for the duration of the championship.

The staff holds the right to deny entry to any team or driver based on previous championships, series, or races and their results. More active members within the RD community will be given preference, as well as drivers/teams with a proven track record in terms of commitment and driving standards.

Sign up open: October 12th (Closed from 22/11/2013).
Publication of final drivers list: 22/11/2013
There will be maximum 2 divisions for this league in case of an overflow of interest. It will be 1 x 30, or 2 x 22.

Please choose 2 numbers between 01 and 99
Team Name:
Preferred number 1:
Preferred number 2:

Teams must sign up their drivers in a seperate post.


Team Name:

Driver 1
Preferred number 1:
Preferred number 2:

Driver 2
Preferred number 1:
Preferred number 2:

Driver 3
Preferred number 1:
Preferred number 2:

It is the responsibility of the drivers and teams to make sure that the numbers they are allocated are clearly visible on their respective cars!

Confirmed Drivers List:

Confirmed Teams List:

A reminder: Those signing up as independents do not have to put a team name down as you will not be considered for the teams championship, only the drivers championship. You may leave the team name blank if you are signing up as an independent. If you have less than 2 members in your team at the start of the season, you will be regarded as an independent.
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Dan Marr

Dan Marr - danfilm007 on Steam
Team Name: Marr Motorsport

Driver 1: Rui Martins
Preferred number 1: 57
Preferred number 2: 58

Driver 2: Daiman Patel
Preferred number 1: 16
Preferred number 2: 24

Driver 3: Dennis Coufal
Preferred number 1: 13
Preferred number 2: 42
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Round 1 (Mores) - November 22nd
Round 2 (Croft) - December 6th
Round 3 (Symmons Plains) - January 10th
Round 4 (Mid-Ohio) - January 24th
Round 5 (Searspoint) - February 7th

Races will be held on FRIDAYS.
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Session + Briefing Info:
Every race will have 5 sessions. Before each race, there will be a MANDATORY briefing on Teamspeak. Each driver is obligated to be present there. Not being present during the briefing is reason to cancel the signup for the league. Details about the briefing will be announced in the threads for each round.
Further, each race will feature a Practice, Qualification, Warm-Up and Race session.

Briefing: 5 - 10 minutes starts at 17:50 GMT
Practice: 30 minutes starts at 18:00 GMT
Qualification (SuperPole/Variant thereof): 20 minutes starts at 18:30 GMT
Warmup 1: 10 minutes starts at 18:50 GMT
Race 1: Based on laps (maximum allowed time is 20 minutes) starts at 19:00 GMT
Warmup 2: 10 minutes starts at 19:25 GMT
Race 2: Based on laps (maximum allowed time is 20 minutes) starts at 19:35 GMT (Grid positions based on results from Race 1 with weight penalty for top 3).

Please note: Parc Ferme settings will apply! Various setup options will be locked after your first timed lap in qualifying.
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Points table
P01 – 35 pts
P02 - 30
P03 - 28
P04 - 26
P05 - 24
P06 - 20
P07 - 18
P08 - 16
P09 - 14
P10 - 12
P11 - 10
P12 - 9
P13 - 8
P14 - 7
P15 - 6
P16 - 5
P17 - 4
P18 - 3
P19 - 2
P20 - 1

Pole Position = 5 points
Fastest lap = 3 points

Drivers have the option to drop their worst result from their total points scores at the end of the season.
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