VR issues: move/resize HUD layer + navigating with keys/d-pad?

Probably I'm not the one having these issues...

1. VR HUD distance:
In VR (with the 110° FOV) the app toolbar is way too right, so I have to lean a bit forward to reach the mouse on my desktop (in front of my steering wheel), move the mouse to the right edge, but in that position I am too close to the HUD and also have to look to the right direction and simply it's so hard to read/view the HUD in that position.

Is there any way to change the overall distance of the HUD layer in VR (to move a bit frontwards) or change the width of that layer?

OK, some will say, "get a wireless mouse so you don't have to lean forward". But right now I need to solve this case from what I have.

2. in-game menu navigation:
For me right now navigating through the in-game and pause menu is only possible with the mouse. Is there any solution for this issue (like a way to bind keys or the d-pad buttons on the wheel)?

If someone has these issues or knows a solution for them, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!