URD EGT @ Indianapolis 2013 GP - Friday 6th June


Event Details:
Track: Indianapolis 2013 (Download)
Car: URD EGT (PayMod)
RFMod: Download via the server

You will have the following cars to choose from:
  • Bayro (BMW Z4)
  • Corvette (Cheverolet Corvette C6R)
  • Venom (Dodge Viper)
  • Darche (Porsche)
  • Arthur Merlin (Aston Martin)
  • Ferruccio (Ferrari)

Skin Sharing will be enabled!

Weather: Sunny
Road condition: Light Rubber preset: Naturally Progressing
Tyre wear: Normal
Fuel use: Normal
Mechanical failure: Time scaled
Start type: Formation/Standing

Traction control:
ABS: Low
Auto-clutch: Yes

Race - Friday, June 6 2014
18:00 GMT - 60 minutes
Qualifying: 19:00 GMT - 20 minutes - open session (quickest lap used)[no Parc Fermé]
Warm up: 19:20 GMT - 10 minutes
Race: 19:30 GMT - 75 minutes [standing start]

Yellow Zone:

Overtaking is not advised in these areas on lap 1. Any incidents which occur within the defined areas on lap 1 will be reviewed, and dealt with on an individual basis. Drivers are urged to take extreme caution when overtaking in these areas on lap 1.

Red Zone (No overtaking under any circumstances in the defined area):


Formation Lap:
  1. The pace is dictated by the driver who has qualified in 1st position.
  2. Weaving to warm your tires is NOT allowed. This actually takes some life out of the tire.
  3. Minimum speed: 60 km/h
  4. Maximum speed: 140 km/h
  5. NO overtaking on the formation lap.
  6. Keep a safe distance between yourself and the car ahead.
  7. Do not make any unnecessary, unpredictable, and sudden moves.
  8. Drivers are advised to keep at least a 2 car length gap between themselves and the driver ahead on the formation lap.
  9. The lights will come on once everyone is lined up properly on the grid. Pay attention as they come on without warning.
NOTE: If for some reason you get damage on the formation lap, you can escape back to the pits and start from the pit lane. You MUST wait for the green light to appear at the end of the pit lane before you may set off again.

Server password: click here
Racing rules: click here

Sign up list:

  1. April Dillon
  2. Miroslav Davidovic
  3. Matt Richards
  4. Kristian Puhov
  5. Magnus Dahlgren
  6. Christian Michel
  7. Andrew Ford
  8. Franklin Stegink
  9. Stefan Woudenberg
  10. Luka Oslakovic
  11. Damir Dubaric
  12. Rene Reiterer
  13. Phil Shillitoe
  14. Yuri Kasdorp
  15. Aleksi Kivela
  16. Anders Nillson
  17. Henrik Lek
  18. Fabio Russo
  19. Davy vd Venne
  20. Morne Du Plooy
  21. Oscar Hardwick
  22. Stephen Bailey
  23. Kjell Stenbeck
  24. Theo vd Brink
  25. Jean Charles Rene
  26. Adam Hodgkinson
  27. Roman Goli
  28. Eck Simpson
  29. Driver(s)
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I would love to be in the race, but I had some FPS issue in the test I had yesterday with Indy GP... I had just a 10-20 min test so nothing impossible to solve I think, but I wont be at home till Tuesday - Wednesday... So sign me in with a "?" If possible :) it's 1 and a 1/2 months that I don't do any kind of serious racing, just a few laps 2 weeks ago and yesterday for 20 min.

Roy Magnes

Gentleman Driver
Very nice of you to think of me again, these are indeed my kind of cars.
But rF2 is not my kind of game, I just cannot get the right feeling with the game at all. Then the wisest thing is to leave it to those of you who can, and rather focus on the games I actually feel comfortable in :)