Unrivaled: Earnhardt vs Gordon


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Dec 12, 2016
I'll take Senna vs Prost, Mansell vs Senna, Mansell vs Prost well you get the idea. But this film is pretty good in showing what took NASCAR to a whole new level.


Mar 10, 2018
Mid 90's, i get hooked on NASCAR first time. Eurosport was broadcaster here in Germany, i was 11years old and loved every kind of racing. I remember this rivalry well. In the kind of:
"Old mustached cowboy vs. the young, californian Tom Cr....eh,..Sunnyboy:D.
Anyway, i will never forget the last race 1994 i think.
Gordon had a big lead in championship points and Earnhardt needed a win, so he
dominated the whole race. Gordon knew he needed only a finish top 40 or something like that.
So he drove at the back of the field the entire race. Earnhardt won but Gordon took the trophy.
At the end it was a stereotypic story: young vs old, good vs bad, good looking vs bad looking...
And especially Americans(not only,of course) love such stories which is finally the main
reason for the magical rise and now slowly fall of this series